V Festival 2011

Just got back from V Festival at Weston Park. Wow, what a weekend that was. It was unbelievable to see the people we got to see and I just need to write about it all a bit.

It all got off to a bad start though really. I had almost no sleep on Wednesday night so I knew it would be hard to get up on Friday. And then I went out Thursday night for a few beers. I ended up going to bed at about half past midnight. I decided to leave the hot water on and have a bath in the morning but ended up waking up proper late. When I woke at 6:43 am Laura and Neil were at my flat to pick me up to go. I was just getting out of bed when Neil knocked the door. I rang him to say I’d be 5 mins and then since I hadn’t packed I just threw some stuff together and left. It meant we were slightly later joining the traffic than we wanted to be and also I hadn’t had a bath since Wednesday and was already feeling dirty as hell before I’d even got to the festival.

But fuck it, I couldn’t change that so we cracked open the beers in the car and cracked on with it. We found a place to camp that was close to the arena and after setting up we had a look around, got a bite to eat, had a few more bevvies etc. There was a place to have a shower for £13. I just had to do it lol. So after that I felt fully ready for the weekend.

Saturday was the day I’d been waiting for. My idol Eminem was headlining that night. Pretty much all I cared about for this day was getting to the front of the crowd and staying there. First I had a few beers and got a bit merry. Went and watched D12 which was really just Kuniva, Swifty and Bizzare since Em wasn’t with them and Kon Artis is Em’s hype man on stage now. After that I got a bottle of coke to keep with me so I wouldn’t get dehydrated since I wasn’t planning on moving once I hit the main stage. This meant I could have no more beer all day since that would make me need the toilet. A band called Squeeze were on and were quite boring. After they finished I got close to the front. It was not even 2pm at this point and Em wasn’t going to be on until about 9:20pm. It was a wait that was going to be difficult but I was determined. As the day went by I got closer to the front until I was pretty much as close as you could get without moving people off the barrier. Ellie Goulding played and then it was Scouting for Girls, Manic Street Preachers, The Script and Rihanna. Everything was going well apart from some crazy bitch who was a huge Manics fan. She kept tapping me on the shoulder pleading for me to let her through to get closer to her band. I told her there was nowhere for her to go as there were too many people packed around here. She was acting as if it was all my fault, not paying attention to the other few thousand people that were in front of her. She was crying her eyes up and screaming all of their lyrics. Said she was feeling bad because the crowd were not dancing that much so she wanted to get to the front to make them feel better. She even got her Mum to ask me. Her Mum argued that her daughter is a bigger fan than I am and knew more of the lyrics. What they didn’t seem to realise was that I simply did not give a fuck about this crazy bitch that loved this mediocre band. I wasn’t here for them and I wasn’t giving up my position that I was working hard for. “We’ll see how many lyrics you know later you bitch” is what I was thinking. I was ignoring her pokes and constant whinging. It was so hard not to just shove her to the ground and let the crowd kick her around a bit. She was seriously annoying the fuck out of me.

Other than that it was easy staying where I was until Rihanna came on. Then loads of girls came crowding around trying to get close. I had to hold them all off and it felt kinda strange stopping teenage girls seeing Rihanna so I could stay at the front lol, but it needed to be done. Rihanna was good. She’s fantastic live and put on a great show. She’s also one of the fittest girls I’ve ever seen. Seeing her in front of you in hot pants was a nice treat.

After that it was the moment I’d waited 7 and a half hours/12 years for. We were getting crushed at the front by this point. There was a nice video explaining how in 2005 Eminem dropped off his European tour due to his problems and hadn’t been back since. And it said now we are here to witness his return and his Recovery. Then he comes bouncing on stage performing Won’t Back Down and I just went fucking crazy. Shouting the lyrics out and bouncing along to it. I couldn’t believe that Eminem was in front of me. He had so much energy. At times the music would cut off with the sound of a gun shot and I’ve never heard or felt a sound so shockingly powerful in all my life. I was right in front of the speakers and when this gun shot sounded (it only happened two or three times) it moved us. Literally. BOOM and we were fucking shoved back. It was awesome. His perfomance was amazing and he performed loads of tracks. Shorter versions to fit them all in. D12 and Royce came out to perform with him and Skylar Grey did “I need a doctor”. Of course Rihanna came back out to do “Love the way you lie”.  He finished with “Not afraid” but then came out to give us one more. It was always going to be “Lose Yourself”. I loved the show so much, I honestly can’t put it into words what it was like to see this living legend. Most music to me gets boring after a while no matter how good it is. But I can listen to Eminem forever. It’s like loads of my thoughts and feelings have been put into songs by him and I can relate to it all so much. Plus I love rhyming and he has mad mad skillz when it comes to this lol. Fucking incredible day and well worth the money and the wait.

Sunday was never going to live upto that for me but at least I could be more relaxed and check out what else was going on at V. I had a load of drinks with Neil and Laura and got very drunk quite early. At one point I went to get the beers in and I could not find them when I got back, I think I was just too drunk. So I drank all three drinks and went to see Professor Green. Don’t remember much of what happened in that tent but I enjoyed it. Next I stumbled my way to Tinie Tempah and it was a great show from him. It got a bit crazy at the end with a few moshpits. Thought this was V not Download? Lol. I got shoved to the floor, partly cause everybody seemed to want a piece of me (maybe it’s the long hair, they must think I fucking love moshpits (they’re ok lol)) and partly cause I was very pissed. I lost my hat, my sunglasses got smashed. And I got trampled on a bit. Some dude helped me up and after a while Tinie had finished and I got out of there buzzing and drunk out of my mind. It was only then that I realised I had actually been hurt during that crazy shit. My back was killing me to the point where I could barely walk. Plan B started on the main stage and I staggered over to it not in the mood at all. I think I was quite angry at this point cause of the pain and my sunglasses and hat. So I kind of walked around the whole arena for some reason, not paying attention to Plan B even though I am a fan. I decided to get some food and go back to the tent to rest my back and ankle (which also got fucked up) and have a few more beers. I got some food and then must have felt a bit better. Plan B had finished and Arctic Monkeys were due on in half an hour. I remember thinking that it would be ridiculous to miss this shit since I love them. So fuck the pain. I went into the crowd and got fairly close considering I’d just arrived. I saw their whole show and it was awesome. I was bouncing around and dancing along somehow. Singing all the lyrics. People complimented me by saying that parts of the crowd were being boring and not getting into it but I was just going nuts. I danced with a few fit girls actually. Think one of them liked me, she kept touching my hair and stuff. But I was just so into the music and the atmosphere that I didn’t really do anything about it. Afterwards I regretted that. But my back was fucking killing me so I headed back to the tent. Had a few night time bevvies and then went to bed. Never slept cause of the rowdy bastards in camp but it’s all good. Got up early, staggered over to an outdoor cafe for a coffee and bacon buttie. Then we packed our shit up (left the tents though, fuck ’em) and went home.

I’m so tired and really need a bath. My ankle is now hurting worse than my back so I’m resting a bit. Also broke my proper glasses at V so need to get some new ones, ballache! Spent way too much money on nothing. But I had a great time. Highlights include Arctic Monkeys and Rihanna’s arse. Eminem stole the show. Massive fan of it all, gutted it’s over. Looking forward to doing a festival next year. I love it all.

Peace x

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