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Well now. V festival is just a memory. Albeit a fucking fantastic memory that will stay with me forever. I’m still working at the shitty pub and I’m sick of it. But after the bank holiday I have a couple of weeks off in which to look for a new job and I’m determined that I’ll get one. I’ll take a paycut to work for a better company, doing something different and working better hours. But if I could do that and get more money then even better. That is my main focus right now. I don’t want to still be there in the run up to Christmas as the boss, some of the other people there and the job in general is literally driving me crazy and boring me to death.

Anyway, at V a lens came out of my glasses fucking them up forever as it got lost in a pile of rubbish and probably trampled on. This lens had been popping out every now and then for a while now but I could always fix it by screwing it back in. It was a pain but it still worked. I’d had those glasses for over 8 years and they were my only ever pair. My eyes are probably worse now but those glasses still did the job. And maybe I could have looked harder to find the lens amongst the empty beer cups. But it seemed right to just leave it there and accept that it was now time to get my eyes looked at and get some new frames. Or maybe even contact lenses. I would always remember that after over 8 years of wearing those things for distances the final time I ever wore them and where they ultimately broke was right after Eminem had walked off stage in front of me lol.

So I had an eye test. And my eyes are now even more shit than they were. I blame my laptop and all the books I read. There is definitely a correlation between people that read a lot of books and people that end up wearing glasses for distance. I know really I should wear my glasses pretty much all the time and not just for tv, cinema and games and stuff. But I just don’t like them. My mate told me yesterday that years ago whilst at school when I first started wearing glasses that some guy we both know thought I had only started wearing them to make me look smart. This made me feel two things. Firstly it’s a slight compliment as he actually must have thought I looked like a smart dude when wearing them. But also he could not be more wrong. I would love to have normal eyesight where I don’t have to wear glasses or whatever. To just look into the distance with your own eyes and see what’s going on and read signs would be fantastic. It is most definitely not some kind of fashion statement. It angered me a little that this guy thought that I didn’t really need glasses but was just doing it to look a certain way when I fucking hate wearing them. The fact is that at school from when I was about 14 onwards I struggled to read the board from the back of the class. That’s all there was to it.

So with the fact that I don’t like wearing glasses in mind I went to the opticians today for my appointment. I have been thinking about contact lenses. Nobody will see them and I’ll have good sight all the time. But they will be a bitch to get used to with putting them in and taking them out. And they’re actually expensive. You end up with a monthly bill to keep renewing your prescription whereas glasses last years. Even if they recommend getting your eyes tested every year and if needed getting new glasses you don’t have to. After all, I went 8 years with the same pair and felt like they still did a fine job. Maybe not so great once I get my new ones though. The long term goal is to save up enough money and courage to have laser surgery and then be done with it. But for now I’ve splashed out on some modern and stylish frames. They were the most expensive pair and have hardly any frame so aren’t even noticeable from a distance. They are flexible which is nice. And you get the option to either have two for one (though on these pricey frames they won’t offer you the same glasses but a cheaper replacement pair so not quite two for one) or to have reaction lenses. Now this is some cool ass shit that I thought would cost a bomb and they let you have it for free instead of the two for one offer. Basically when in sunlight the lenses change and darken on their own and become both corrective glasses and sunglasses. And then when you go inside they just change back. It’s unbelievably cool and I couldn’t resist. Maybe silly since I could have had another pair as insurance but fuck it, whatever. It’s only money. And with glasses this cool I don’t think I’ll mind wearing them so much which I obviously have to do now since I can’t read shit all at a distance. I’m happy with them.

Anyway, just thought I’d post about this shit so I can read this again when deciding on contact lenses which I’ll probably still be thinking about in future. Peace and love x


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