Your love is as real as God

What the fuck is going on? The world has actually lost the plot. Honestly. I can’t relate to anybody anymore and don’t have many connections to anybody. I guess that is my problem. But things just seem so messed up. How can somebody who to me is a boring fucking knobhead be somebody who to others is considered to be fucking awesome? What am I missing? I feel this a lot. It’s rare that I see people who are either in a relationship or good friends and I understand it. I see somebody who just talks about themself all day and brags. Somebody who is still so immature for an adult. Somebody who is desperate for people to like them to the point that it is very noticeable and annoying. And to somebody else this person is amazing and some kind of hero. How? Just fucking how?

I think people must just try so hard to see somebody as perfect that at times they just don’t see how far from perfection they actually are. I know nobody is perfect. But sometimes you’re chatting away and thinking “Christ this dude is dull and annoying, how did he pull her? She must be making do and it probably won’t last”. And if that was the case then ok. We all contemplate being with people that we’re not totally completely into right? Most of us do I reckon anyway. And that works inside my head. But then when you talk to both of them and see just how happy they both are and how both of them think the other one is perfect…I just don’t get it. Are they just good liars? Are they deluding themselves? Or does love come that easily for other people? That it could be with almost anyone? Is that real love? For me it’s a really complex thing but others seem to fall in love at will. Are they crazy or am I? Very often I find myself thinking this. Like, “dude you seem pretty cool and she ain’t that special at all, you really actually love her?” Or, “you’re so fit you could be with anybody and this is the guy you’re crazy about?” Occasionally I see it. I see two people, both cool, with a lot in common and both obviously in love. And I’m sort of jeaous a bit about that but also happy for them. It’s nice to see. But most of the time…what the fuck? You have people being in relationships for years always going on about how much they are in love. And then in the space of weeks they split up, get with somebody else and once again are banging on about how insanely in love they are again. Really? Is this for real? So you loved that girl for years and now you don’t, instead you love this new girl? I just don’t believe it. It doesn’t work like that. Surely. And then everything they like, you like. Everything you like, they like. And it’s all so over the top. It’s so fake. And it gets to me so much. Because I want it for real. Not many people have it. But everybody is acting like they do have it. And sometimes I just want to snap at somebody and when they’re telling each other how much in love with each other they are I just want to shout “be honest! No you fucking don’t love each other, it’s an act!”

To anybody genuinely in love, cool. Enjoy it. Hate it. Whatever. To all the fakes just tone down the bullshit a little bit please. I know this rant makes me sound like a prick. It’s because I am a prick. But lately this has been pissing me off so much.

Thanks ever so much for reading, love you all soooooooooo much. Honestly I can’t tell you how amazing you are, never in the whole history of the world has there ever been someone soooooo awesome. Love you millions forever and ever you beautiful fucking bastards!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



About dazz22

I’m a dude from England and I’m just your average screw up of a human being
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