It’s a beautiful and sunny September day. It’s my last day off work before returning tomorrow. I have a house warming party to look forward to later and a day of beer and football before then. So trust me to pick now to decide to write about some things that have annoyed me lately.

Firstly, my glasses still have not arrived. They said 10-14 days and yesterday was day 14. I went back to the shop to chase it up and they are saying another 7-10 days. I’ve spent £190 on them and having to wait a ridiculous amount of time. I let them know I’m not happy and if I knew it would take so long I would have gone elsewhere. How hard can it be? Why does it take weeks and weeks to put some lenses in some frames and send them off? As long as they have your money they don’t give a shit. Bastards.

Also I’m disappointed in the staff of the Wolseley Arms where I work. I hate the job, I hate the boss and I hate the company. But I’ve always liked a lot of the staff and saw them as friends. But now I think that is over. We had a system where all tips that are given to waitresses and at the bar are pooled together and split equally between whoever worked a shift. They keep their tips from debit cards though as it’s too difficult to split so fair enough. And this system was a great one. It was fair and everybody knew where they stood with it. It was a nice sum of money too. Often getting a fiver per shift and upto £30 per week. It allows us to get a few beers after work and some food without touching our banks. During a year I reckon these tips pay for my rent for two months. So it’s a nice extra. One of the very few perks to this completely shit job (one day I will write a huge blog about the reasons why this is such a bad job to have). But there have been changes. The service for part of the pub has now changed to full table service for the people that have booked in after 5pm. And due to this the manager has decided he wants to change the way tips are distributed. He proposed that as full table service will mean more tips that waitresses and waiters get to keep the tips and give a proportion to the bar and kitchen. The bar also keep their own tips too. This is supposedly so that front of house staff upsell extra food, puddings and drinks and put more money in the till as they are providing a better service. So good for the company, good for the manager and good for the front of house staff. The real profit that is made by that place comes from the food and the kitchen staff have been fucked over. A vote was proposed and if more people voted for change then it would change. Seems fair doesn’t it? Except the manager has been campaigning for weeks for change. Getting in people’s ears telling them how much more they could be earning and saying the kitchen staff earn more than them anyway? It’s bullshit. He is using their own greed to make himself look better (when they start trying harder to sell things) and get the change he wants. And we earn slightly more, it’s hardly a huge difference. Plus we deserve it. It’s a harder job by far. Basically they carry plates around and check if everything is ok with customers. “Can I get you anything else?” “Is everything ok with your meals?” “I’ll just clear your plates away”. That’s all they do while we’re there cooking all the shit and now they get more than us. A waitress the other day picked up £40 in tips. And under the new system she gives £4 to the bar, £10 to the kitchen which is split 5 ways so they had £2 each and she keeps £26. Is what she did that night worth 13 times more in tips than what the kitchen staff did? I seriously don’t think so. We’re out of pocket and they are well up. Based on the four hours she worked she earned almost double what the kitchen staff earned. But it should not be forgotten that the other reason (other than the manager pushing for the change) why this change has happened is that the front of house staff have voted for it that way. We got screwed in our votes, some votes were heavily influenced by the manager and some were even tricked into it by not really knowing what they were voting for (i.e the new guy in the kitchen, and another guy who swears he never even had the option to vote to keep it the same). I think a few front of house staff wanted to be fair about it and credit to them for that. I’m quite sure that I would have done the same in their position as I am all for equality. Others have said they were voting to keep it the same and were lying. They are the worst of them. By all means do what you have to do but don’t try to mug us off about it. And the rest of them must be blinded by greed/actually believe they deserve more than us. Even though in general the front of house staff are lazy as fuck and at times you have to argue with them to get them to do their job. All we wanted was fairness. It was a system that always worked for us before, why change it? And now they have a bigger incentive to carry on doing the job they were doing anyway and we have to carry on doing our job after being given a massive kick in the balls. It won’t work either. In the end you will have more people doing the restaurant and earning the tips. The boss will have the person who brings in the most money as that is all he cares about. It’s going to cause a rift. Will waitresses be happy when a table they have “looked after” all night goes and pays at the bar and leaves the tip there sometimes? Cause it will happen and bar keeps their tips now. And everytime I look at the people I work with I’ll just remember that they didn’t want to share, they wanted to keep it all. Fuck ’em. Seriously. When I cooked staff meals I used to give them a bit extra cause it was staff. Now they can forget it. And anyone that tries to tell us either that we’ll still get the same as we did or that it’s now fair since we’re on a higher basic wage can do one. We’re getting less, that’s all there is to it. If there’s now more money being given as tips then we could split it how we did and all be better off, not just a couple of twats that happen to be in the right place at the right time. And they don’t deserve more. Their job is the easiest job ever. They moan about polishing cutlery and pouring coffee. It’s fucking unbelievable. Like I said, fuck ’em. The way I used to see it is that they were our tips. Ours as a team. And they were shared. Now it’s like the tips are theirs and we have to be grateful for what they give us. I’m considering just telling them all to shove it up their arse. I’m not interested in the few pathetic pennies they might chuck our way if we’re lucky.

There were other things I wanted to talk about but I guess the tip situation has dominated this one so I’ll save the really deep stuff for my next one. But I’ll just add that my new rhymes are coming on now, I’ve been in the zone lately and three of the five verses are complete. I reckon 4 more writing and editing session are all I need to finish the best thing I will ever write. It’ll be posted here first. Peace x


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