If you’re reading this you are a human being as I am myself. You came to exist via your mother and your father. Two people that happened to meet by chance. They came to exist in a similar fashion and this process goes back to the beginning of time. Just think about the chances of all those people throughout history that had to meet and come together at some point in order to get to you. There was such a small chance of it happening but it did happen and here you are. And you’ve survived all hazards in life upto this point and maybe even have children of your own as the process continues through you and beyond you. You are alive. You never asked to be alive but you are and you should make the most of it. Live it to the fullest. It’s a fantastic gift. Many potential people do not get the chance you have been given.

What are we made of? Flesh. Bone. Blood. Organs. But going further we are made up of cells. And you could keep going until you find we’re made up of molecules, atoms, protons…Never to be seen with the naked eye. The building blocks of life. Atoms are so small it is difficult for us to comprehend. One atom is insignificant to us. And everything is made up of atoms. All around you. Everything in the world. Our planet is huge and full of life. So many animals, insects and plants. Millions of different types of species. And in our human race there are currently 7 billion of us.

But where are we? Where is our planet? It is a planet in a solar system and we orbit the Sun. Some of the other planets in our solar system are smaller than ours but some are bigger. Hundreds of times bigger in fact making our world seem rather small. And the Sun is huge… much, much bigger than the biggest planet Jupiter. The space between these planets is so vast. The nearest planet to us is Mars and it is many millions of miles away even when at it’s closest. It’s so far that we wouldn’t have the fuel capacity at the moment to ever attempt to get there and it’s the closest planet.

The solar system is one of many in our galaxy. One star out of billions. The Sun is our closest star and it takes light eight minutes to reach us from there. For the next closest star in our galaxy to us it would take light over four years to reach us. The distance is huge but words do not do it justice. Many stars in our galaxy are many thousands of light years away. It’s so big that our solar system is insignificant. As is our planet in the solar system and as are we compared to the rest of the world. A lot of stars also have planets orbiting them. And this is just one galaxy. One of many billions. Some smaller than ours, many of them much larger. With billions of stars contained in each of them. The distance between these galaxies is immense. And there is nothing there. Most of everything in the Universe is actually nothing at all. There is so much nothing that everything that exists is insignificant when compared to the vast nothingness that engulfs it all. In this great void of emptiness there are all these galaxies. And in one of them, orbiting one of those tiny little stars on one of those tiny planets there sits you. One person that has overcame many odds and has been through chemical reactions and evolution over all of time until eventually you came to exist on this spinning rock that is being hurled around a huge ball of fire that is surrounded by billions like it in our small insignificant galaxy called the Milky Way. And you are made up of atoms. Tiny, tiny atoms. Just like the stars and the heavens above us are all made up of atoms. Whether you’re alone or not and whether you care or not does not matter. You do not matter at all. If you died then some people on this planet will feel the impact. But the world will go on and most don’t know or care about you. And in this universe your lack of existence would mean nothing. It would not change a thing. We may as well not exist such is our insignificance. And the important thing is that this is liberating. Though we are insignificant we can still think and feel and experience all that life has to offer. It doesn’t matter how long we’re here or what we achieve because none of it matters. We can either choose to enjoy it and make the most of it or give up and fade away. But in the grand scheme of things be safe in the knowledge that you are part of a system that will always exist and your actions do not really change anything. Be free. Enjoy your space in this world and enjoy the time that you get. Live

About dazz22

I’m a dude from England and I’m just your average screw up of a human being
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