London’s Calling

I do not know what to do for the best.

I’m currently living in the small town of Rugeley where I have lived since I was 9 years old (other than the three years I spent at uni in Liverpool). I have a flat here and a job. It is a stable and comfortable life and it is only recently that I have been fortunate enough to have this stability. I like my own time on days off and it’s nice to sometimes shut out the world and spend some time by myself in my quiet little flat.

But then other times it can get quite boring. There’s not much to do in Rugeley other than go to the pub for a few beers with the same old faces. There are no job prospects here. It is comfortable and easy but boring. And we only live once.

I have been given an opportunity to rent a room in London with one of my best pals from school and some others. To even consider this I would need a job but there’s a pub not too far from the place which has a vacancy and I have applied. They rang yesterday and left a voicemail telling me to get in touch so maybe it’s possible. I’m thinking of all the pros and cons of this potential move before picking up the phone. It’s a lot of hastle. Leave my job. Leave my friends (though there aren’t many still around here). Leave my stable job. Give up my own little space which I love. Sort out the flat and the deposit and cancel all my bills here. Pack up and hire a removal van. Start a new job with new people. Live with other people again (for all I know I may hate some of them and I like being alone at times). Then I have to worry about the cost of living and getting buses and trains across the city to my new job. I could be more lonely than I sometimes feel here. So much to think about.

But it’s London. Our nation’s capital city. It has so much going on and is anything but boring. Places to go and people to see. Plus eventually maybe I would finally find a career there. If I go to London I could end up hating it and wanting to leave. I’d regret giving up my flat here. But if I don’t go I will always wonder. I surely can’t stay in Rugeley forever when there is so much more out there. Decisions, decisions…

If anybody reads this that lives in London or has done in the past than maybe you have some advice you could share? In the mean time I’ll go back to my thoughts.



About dazz22

I’m a dude from England and I’m just your average screw up of a human being
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