Everything. Anytime. Anywhere.

I’ve been thinking lately about how much technology has changed over the past 10-15 years and how that has changed us. It’s quite a drastic change when you think about it.

As a kid everyday life was very different to what it is now. I’ll try to describe a typical day in which nothing much has happened. I’d wake up and go down stairs to get some coffee and then go into the living room and put the tv on. I’d go straight to BBC1 and put the teletext on and read football news. It was frustrating because if it was on page 11 out of 14 you’d have to wait a few minutes for it to get back to page one and if you missed it you’d have to wait again. Plus it never gave enough time for you to read a page before it changed. After that I’d see what was on tv and then maybe read the paper if it was knocking about. Maybe then someone would knock on my door and see if I fancied playing football or something. It was either that or someone would ring the house phone. Maybe I’d decide to go to a friends house and see what they were up to. General life was more random. Sometimes something awesome might happen to be on tv. Sometimes you and a friend would go and do something fun. Sometimes nobody would be in and you would wonder where everyone was. Maybe I’d put a CD (I’d only be able to find new bands if they happened to be in my Mum or Dad’s collection) or video on. Play on the Mega Drive or something. Kick a ball around on my jack jones. If I needed to know about something all I could do was ask somebody and then maybe forget about it. That need to know that tiny piece of information may never get satisfied and was probably forgotten. Music tastes stayed the same. Choice of films was limited to your collection and what was on tv. Everybody knew their own random facts and jokes. We were all individual and experiencing life through our own set of eyes.

Consider life now. I wake up and get some coffee (some things never change). And then I either put the laptop on or check my phone. I check emails, the news, facebook, twitter. After 10 mins I am fully up to date. At this point everybody who I know is available to me either by phoning them, texting them, sending them a message on facebook or twitter. Maybe even facetime them. I could see their face right that very moment no matter where they are. And since everybody puts their business on facebook I already know what they are doing and where they are. No need to ask them. I could speak to any of them but mostly I speak to nobody. No need to. Everything is already known, no need for conversation. Maybe I decide to meet some friends later. And then sometimes I wonder what we actually have to discuss. Sometimes nothing. If I want to watch a tv programme, I can instantly stream anything whenever I want. Literally everything is available to me. I end up spending ages deciding what to watch. Why waste time on something that you can find out is shit via IMDB? But then I waste time on deciding what to watch. Same with films. The films with the best reviews are worth watching. And we all decide this so we’re pretty much all watching the same films and same tv programmes. And then what about music? I can do some research and find a new band. We no longer need to stay in “scenes”. I can like metal and dip into all that on youtube. But then go and dip into some hip hop. Wearing the same clothes cause I’m in bed with my laptop all anonymous and shit. We have access to it all so rather than listen to some bands religiously we mostly all listen to a little bit of everything. We have no scenes and sub-cultures. We are all just in one massive group. Nothing much is individual about it since we all have access to everything whenever we want. Debates are boring. If there is a disagreement it can be ended immediately via Google and Wikipedia. We all know the same jokes since we all follow Sickipedia. We see the same pictures that get tossed around the internet. We’re all the fucking same.

This is just an observation. Obviously there are many advantages to the technology we have today. Life is easier and I wouldn’t change it back. But sometimes when I’m in a pub there are times when I’m sitting at a table with friends and we’re all on our phones checking some shit, watching some shit, reading some shit etc. And not even paying to attention to what is right there in front of us since we have access to everything and everyone anyway. And it’s sort of sad.

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I’m a dude from England and I’m just your average screw up of a human being
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