Tomorrow Never Knows

I feel like writing. But it’s kind of funny. I’ve realised that most times when I feel like writing I seem to write about the same kind of problems. Years go by and yet my problems remain. Same job, same lack of motivation, same fear of time and same feelings of not being able to relate to other people. The daft thing is that most of the time I’m not that bothered by my problems. I’m always distracted by other things. It’s only when I have a bit of spare time and stop and think that I realise how unhappy I am. It would be more beneficial if I just focused completely on this unhappiness so as to sort it all out. I suppose I have been making efforts to change things this past year. Though I haven’t done any work for ages at least I have done half of my accountancy course. Though I failed my first driving test on a stupid technicality (so harsh, should have passed it) at least I now know how to drive and should pass soon. With new driving skills and new qualifications hopefully that will lead to me finally doing some kind of job where I don’t feel like I’m completely wasting my brain.

In other news I am totally broke as hell. I’ve been managing money so easily that it became too easy. I’d pay all my bills on time and I just seem to be able to buy whatever I want and always be out on the beer. But it has caught up with me. Maybe it’s cause I’ve had three birthdays to sort out, maybe it’s cause driving lessons continue to drain my funds (should have passed goddamn it), maybe I just had it coming. But this Friday’s pay check cannot come quick enough. And as soon as it comes I need to pay water, council tax and smack a sum of money onto the credit card to begin getting out of debt. A few months of spending wisely will sort that out but this will not happen. I know I’ll continue to be reckless. One life and all that jazz.

A cool thing has happened. I now go to a poker club. It has been going for a while and I’ve known about it but have never been able to go because I worked Monday nights. But now I’ve managed to finally get rid of that shift so I can go. Me and a few pals go ever Monday, have a few beers and play some poker with some fairly decent players. I love the way that we have this regular game and it takes place right in my street every week. And these guys love poker. There’s no getting bored and getting distracted, it’s all about the game. And so far I’ve done ok. I’ve been 3rd, 2nd and 6th so far. It’s the deep stack tournament tonight, should be a good one. Hopefully going to win a bit of cash to help with my current dire financial situation.

The next thing on my agenda was originally what this whole blog post was going to be about. I have become a bit disillusioned with a lot of the music that is coming out today. There’s only so much dubstep I can take and most of the stuff I hear on the radio bores me to tears. So I’ve decided to get over my unwillingness to listen to music that came out years and years ago on the basis that if it has stood the test of time and is still considered great then it will always be great. Some music is just timeless I guess and it cannot get old or go out of date or anything. So at first I stated listening to Pink Floyd. Fantastic. I’ve also been listening to Led Zeppelin. But the band that has surprised me the most should really not have been a surprise at all. The Beatles.

The Beatles have always been a strange band for me. Everybody knows at least some of their songs quite well. I also lived in Liverpool for a while and so I heard a lot about them while I was there. I’m obsessed with reviews and lists of “best albums of all time” and stuff and their albums are frequently at the top of these lists with ridiculously good reviews. But I never really understood it. I’d think of “Hey, Jude” or “I wanna hold your hand” and although enjoyable I just could not fathom what was so unbelievably and universally great about them. The hysteria of the sixties and their mystique ever since. The billions of albums sold (literally). All the number 1 hits. 10/10 reviews from everybody. They are the biggest band of all time by far. And I’ve never understood it and always shunned them. Even when I lived in the street next to Penny Lane.

Then one day I was watching an episode of Mad Men which is set in the sixties and at the end of this episode they play a track by The Beatles called Tomorrow Never Knows. It was not at all like I imagine most Beatles songs are like. I’d go as far to say as I’d never really heard anything like it even though it was over 40 years old. It intrigued the shit out of me. And I thought it was a fantastic (albeit a bit strange) track. So I did a bit of research and listened to more songs until I just had to download their whole discography. Fuck me. What a band. There are so many things that amaze me about them. Firstly, it was so long ago and yet still amazing to listen to. Also the variety of their songs impresses me. Then there is the fact that they were a pop band who did the kind of music that everybody else was doing except they did it better and so became massive. But they were still just a pop band. And even though they had made it and were the biggest band in the world they did not stop there. They morphed into something else and just incorporated more things into their music in ever increasingly complicated and interesting ways (especially for the technology available at the time). They wrote some of the best albums of all time even after they had already had a load of successful albums released. And they did all of this between the years 1963-1969. Everything they ever released was wrote and recorded between those years. They were smacking out two quality albums every year. Super impressive.

There is something for everybody when it comes to The Beatles. Did Helter Skelter pave the way for heavy metal? Maybe. Did they influence every artist that came after them? Probably. Their music literally changed the world and I love it. Cannot get enough of it right now. Especially the album Abbey Road. It’s so good it’s stupid.

Anyway, just wanted to document that little life event. Dazzle finally understands that The Beatles are awesome.

Peace and love x



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