Work Bitch

9th October 2013. As always I find myself disbelieving of the fact that time has gone so fast this year. Less than three months until 2013 has gone. Last Christmas does not seem like that long ago at all. I remember all the mayhem at work with it being busy and having big tables in on a daily basis. I remember the horrible hours we had to do on the days where most people are off and enjoying themselves (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day). I remember feeling like I had wasted 2012 just like I had wasted 2011 and 2010. I couldn’t believe I was 26 years old and still at the same job working in a kitchen. Christmas Day 2012 was probably the most depressing day I’ve ever known. It was just another day when it should have been a magical Christmas Day. Work and then a couple of beers at a pal’s house. I said to myself then that no way in hell would I be in the same position next year. There seemed to be no way I could mentally handle another year wasted and another Christmas as depressing. I had plans. Jobs to apply for. Accountancy courses to complete. I had to get away.

And so here I am. Christmas 2013 is approaching fast and somehow I am still in the same job. I’ve been lazy when it comes to the accountancy course and have only 60% completed it. I’ve been applying for a few jobs but haven’t given that enough effort either. So another Christmas in similar circumstances to last year is on the horizon when I promised myself I wouldn’t let it happen again. And yet…. things are actually not so bad.

You see, unexpectedly I have now gained some recognition for my efforts at work. And now rather than just being another dude in the kitchen who is on either less money or the same money as others I am now Second Chef. Second in command of the team. Finally instead of the constant rejection by ridiculous employers I have had some good news and gained myself a promotion. I don’t mean to big myself up but I definitely do deserve this. It’s been hard and yet I have rarely complained (except maybe to a few pals), never called in sick, I’ve been flexible, I’ve lead the team sometimes and always been a key figure in their success (sometimes I feel like I’ve single handedly kept things going). I’ve experienced it all in there and do a good job and it is nice for that to be recognised and rewarded. Also, I am glad of the extra responsibility. I feel like I should be calling some of the shots rather than some of the idiots that have been doing it over the years. I had nothing to prove before. Now I do again. I want this promotion to work and I want to be seen to be having a positive impact on how things go. And also the extra money is very welcome. I have struggled lately financially and now when I look at what I will earn I realise that I’ll be a lot better off. It’s more hours but at a better rate. On this new rate of pay I sort of want to have a few months at raking in the cash. It’s funny how such a simple move can have had such a positive impact on me. But I feel so much better knowing I have actually achieved something this year. I feel better about work. And going into Christmas doesn’t seem like the black hole it used to seem like. Plus it’s good for my CV. I’m a key holder to a million pound per year business. I order supplies and I lead a team. This could end up being the break that I needed. And it was in reach the whole time. Fingers crossed this little move starts the ball rolling and leads to better times.

In other news the festival I will be going to in 2014 has already been decided and it is Glastonbury. The big one. The one that was a life goal of mine. I can’t actually believe it really. It’s a strange thing to have a ticket to a festival without knowing (or caring really) what the line up will be. I’ve never done that before but I guess they do things differently for Glastonbury. At other festivals they announce a headline act to get your interest. Then they announce another. And then another with a few other key bands announced too. Then tickets go on sale and people scramble for them. For Glastonbury there are no announcements. You have to register with a photo to even attempt to get tickets. They go on sale 9 months before the event and somehow with no line up announcements you face the biggest rat race of all to get a ticket and if you’re very lucky you might get one. Some people apply every year and one year luckily end up with a ticket. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I fancy it and registered one week before and somehow thanks to the efforts of my good pal Marc I’ll be there. Can’t wait to spend hundreds of pounds getting destroyed, sleeping in mud and piss and having the time of my life experiencing all that Glastonbury has to offer. Roll on June 2014 (well don’t go that fast as I suffer from chronophobia lol).

Anyway, those are the two great things that I wanted to document. I have loads more I could write about but that would change this blog post from a positive one to a negative one and it’s nice to write about good things for a change. I’ll save my fears and shitty feelings for another day. The next time I write here could actually very well be a review of Eminem’s new album. I want to write a review before I read any other reviews so that I can get my initial thoughts down on it without being influenced by anything else. I have a mate who insists that most of my opinions on anything are always influenced by things I’ve read elsewhere and that has been playing on my mind. There probably is some truth to it. I’m addicted to reading reviews. But what is wrong with increasing your knowledge by reading other people’s opinions? I don’t believe I’m easily lead. Some people can just explain in a better fashion how good something is. But if that is the case I already know it is good, I just like to see that others agree. If I like something and read bad reviews it doesn’t change my opinion. Anyway, it will be a fun experiment. I’ll review it and then see how other reviewers review it. And my review will be shit. I don’t know much about the technical side of music and it can be difficult to explain why a song sounds either great or wank. But I’ll give it a bash.

Until next time, peace out.



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