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So today is the first day of my current phone contract in which I am allowed to upgrade. My current phone is the iPhone 4S of the 32GB variety. Still a decent phone by today’s standards. The only slight issue with it for me is the battery life which after the new software updates and two years of use is not what it once was and can barely last the day with only moderate use. Other than that it has tonnes of features that I barely use and still does a good job for me. I have looked at my options today. The logical and sane option is to let my contract run down and when it does in January I can get a Tesco SIM only deal. These deals are incredible. It can be a month to month contract so you can go at any time. I can have plenty of minutes, texts and data allowance for £10 per month. That would save me £27 per month. And I wouldn’t lose anything.

So why oh why am I absolutely compelled to get a shiny new phone? It is insanity really. £10 per month for all my calls, texts and data? I suppose the only drawback is the fact that while I’m on this great Tesco deal my iPhone 4S is losing re-sale value. Currently I can cash my phone in on Mazuma Mobile for £130. This will inevitably decrease over time. But that is the only real disadvantage. Other than that I just save a load of money. But I can’t do it. I’ve been saying for a while how I want my next phone to not be an iPhone. The main reasons are: 1) I’m not liking the idea that with all App and music purchases via iTunes that I’m getting more and more tied down to one company and one service. It will get harder to break away as time goes on due to the value of all the stuff I’ve already bought that can be transferred to the new iPhone. 2) Battery life is an issue. All smart phones have issues with battery life due to the heavy usage of all the software they contain throughout the day. But iPhones just seem to be a bit worse and of course there is only one battery and it cannot be replaced. After two years this battery has been put through the paces and seems to deteriorate dramatically. It gets annoying. Plus you can’t have a spare back up battery fully charged and ready to go. 3) Memory is an absolute rip off. Apple really take the piss when it comes to memory on iPhones. A 16GB is pricey enough and is not enough memory for me. A 32GB is probably enough for me if I just deleted Apps I no longer use and music I no longer listen to. But I am lazy and cannot be bothered to sort this shit out. Plus you pay nearly £100 extra to get the 32GB instead of the 16GB  version. Then you can have 64GB but that again is nearly £100 extra again. And that is the absolute limit. Other phones are cheaper and have SD slots so you can upgrade to as much memory as you need for a lot cheaper. I could buy a 32GB and save a load of stuff on it. Less money and less hassle.

So I am in a hurry to break away really. After much deliberation (I’m obsessive here and have lost track of all the reviews and comparisons I’ve looked at today) I have decided that I’m jumping ship right now. It’s illogical but screw it. I’m not losing much money really. I guess I’m just losing the opportunity to save a lot of money. I’ve gone for the ridiculous Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with it’s stupidly large 5.7 inch screen. It’s £130 up front for me but that price will be off-set by the price I can sell my iPhone 4S for (I’ve done a lot of research to make that happen lol). My contract will go up by £2.83 per month which is like one less beer per month that I can drink so that is good for my health. But I’ll have 4GEE internet, keep my unlimited minutes and texts and up my data allowance from 1GB to 5GB so that is quite nice and worth the extra pennies I reckon. Plus this phone is a beast. According to reviews whilst not the best phone on the planet (mainly due to the size and plastic feel) it is definitely up there with the best and is probably the most powerful spec wise. And as long as it fits in my pocket (I’ll have to be more choosey about jeans to make sure I have large pockets from now on) it will be ok. I couldn’t resist the size of the screen. And with my laptop sounding like it’s on its’ last legs maybe it can replace my old phone and laptop at the same time. Phones are so good these days that you could easily watch films and sports on them and play great games on them if the screen is of a decent size and this is my thinking here. And this means I’ll be one of those rare people that no longer owns any Apple products. Good. I don’t like to be a sheep and follow the masses when there are better options available.

Anyway, stupid as it may be this is what I have achieved today. And if it seems like I made a mistake in a few months from now I will re-read this blog and re-convince myself that it was a good idea at the time. Roll on November 2015 when I once again splash out to get the best phone on the market when it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Until next time gadget fans.

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