The Light of the World

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”



Time (if it even is a real thing) is most likely infinite. This world is one world in an infinite ocean of worlds. Many people have lived on this planet and discovered a lot of amazing things over time. There is wisdom out there. So much wisdom. Even so what is known is dwarfed by what is unknown. And yet it doesn’t matter. At the same time we’re capable of knowing all that we need to know. And as time spins on mysteries reveal themselves and we gain better understanding. The mind is infinite. Just like time and space.

It is my brain that makes me type these words. Thoughts that are created in my mind like paint hitting a blank canvas are the result of previous actions and experiences. My mind is naturally inquisitive and curious. I worry a lot. I get angry easily. I dwell on the past and fret about the future. My mind is rarely settled and relaxed. Moments of peace do not seem to last very long. Sometimes only alcohol seems to help and some nights it is the only way I know how to get to sleep. But this lead me to seeking out the help of others and I will share this mostly unknown community with whoever happens to read this right now. Some people will understand completely and I will be putting a name to a sensation you have been feeling all of your lives. Some will not have a clue what I am talking about and will think the whole thing is a bit strange. Some people get this feeling and some do not and that is just the way it is. I remember at school there would be an RE teacher who sometimes used to tell us to rest our heads on the table and close our eyes. Then she would talk with a soft voice, almost a whisper. She would tell us to imagine certain things. Maybe we were in a forest or on a beach. She would use detail and would tell us to imagine the sound of the wind or the waves and the feel of the sand on our feet. She would just describe this created world to us and we would experience it. At least I would. And it was the most relaxing thing ever. More than that. It gave me a sensation I could never describe and would rarely ever feel. This feeling has been described as a tingling sensation on the back of the neck and down the spine. And in your head. It brings deep relaxation.

I never knew what it was but that classroom was not the only place I experienced it. It would sometimes just hit me. The key to it seemed to be other people. Their actions or words. Occasionally it could put me almost into a trance. Maybe I’d just be watching them doodling and their focus and creativity would enchant me somehow. It was a rare thing and I didn’t understand it. One day a couple of years ago I remembered my RE teacher and her relaxing guided stories. I was having trouble sleeping at the time. So I just wondered if anybody on YouTube made any videos like how my RE teacher used to talk to us. I typed in “whisper videos”. And boom – there were many people whispering all kinds of things. Some were rambles. Some were guided relaxation videos like what my RE teacher did. And pretty much ever since then if I haven’t been drunk I have used these videos to go to sleep. And over time this community on YouTube has grown and is now known as the ASMR Community. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and according to Wikipedia this means “a neologism for a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli”. There are many videos of people doing all sorts of mad things with this type of relaxation in mind. From cooking to drawing to just messing about with objects. It was really good to realise that I hadn’t made this sensation up and I wasn’t just being strange. Loads of other people felt it too. And this community exists just to help people relax and go to sleep out of the kindness of their hearts. I love that community and if you have ever experienced ASMR and didn’t know what it was then I urge you to go on YouTube sometime and have a search with an open mind.

So why am I talking about ASMR? Firstly I did just want to share it since I watch these videos everyday and never really talk about it. And secondly because it indirectly lead me to a new way of thinking. There is something serene about these videos and in some people’s actions in everyday life. Maybe it is just the thought of watching something natural without interfering with it. There is some kind of connection there. If you cause me to feel ASMR I feel connected to you and I feel connected to this whole world and that is a good feeling. It made me realise how powerful the mind can be and how good it feels to be part of the universe.

One day I was listening to a fantastic whisper video where a book was being read about the nature of reality and the power of positive thinking. At first although it relaxed me the content of it sounded a bit crazy. But at the same time very interesting. It talked about us all being beings made of light and how we’re all connected via a universal mind. It talked of infinite potential and the perfection of the natural world. It talked of good vibrations and how we’re all made of the same things that make the stars and are ultimately just pure energy that has always existed and always will exist. It talked of good intentions sending ripples through the cosmos that would come back to us. It talked of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. And I was intrigued by it all. So I bought that very book for my Kindle. The book turned out to be a strange one for me. On the one hand it is beautiful and simple. It is about raising consciousness and being the best and most positive version of yourself that you can be. It definitely helped me. But I did disagree with the book on certain points. For instance it placed an overwhelming amount of emphasis on how much you could achieve simply by thinking it. It was positive thinking to the nth degree. It felt to me like it was on to something but hadn’t quite reached it. It was like having the right motivation and right attitude but lacking a certain amount of wisdom and maybe lacking the right actions. It also contained meditations. I gave meditation a go and I had no idea what I was doing. But it achieved something indescribable to me. For just a moment I felt peace and I felt connected to everything. There was no me. And no you. No them. No objects. Just us as one.

I realised I needed to go further down this path. What is there that teaches positive thinking? Teaches meditation? Teaches compassion? Teaches a feeling of peace? It would be cool if there were a way to have all these things together and laid out in a way to follow it as a guide. Another stipulation for me would be that I did not want to hear about the Christian God as I know in my very soul (if such a thing exists) that the Bible is wrong. I did not Google Buddhism. I Googled peace and meditation. And also I Googled certain phrases to do with the mind. And in reply Google screamed Buddhism at me. To a certain extent I have studied religion for most of my life. But I’ve always stayed away from Buddhism. I didn’t know much about it except that everything I have ever heard about it has made sense to me. I think I had put it on hold. One day I would look into it and see what it’s all about and then I would form an opinion. I guess that time is now. Although I’m not sure it should be called a religion. I would call it a philosophy. It is a way to live life with the goal being to increase peace, love and happiness and decrease suffering. I have been reading about it and reading Buddhist books and watching Buddhist videos for a few weeks now and I think it’s amazing. Siddhārtha Gautama was a Prince who lived roughly 2,500 years ago and he left his palace and riches to find his own internal peace. Eventually he found it and became known as The Awakened One – The Buddha. And he passed his knowledge on with years and years of teachings. There are too many things to say that I do not have the words to say. We’ve all felt something lacking in life. We all feel desires and are never quite happy. We all worry about things. We all have to face old age and death. We all need to try and find someway of living with others and sharing experiences. None of us really have any clue what is going on. But really all we need is peace of mind. Every negative emotion we feel is a type of suffering. Many positive emotions are due to attachment and this too leads to suffering since nothing is permanent. We need to sort our minds out. Buddhism is a way to do this. The wisdom of Buddhism works in harmony with Science and it works in harmony with everything and everyone. It is all about You…

…I am neither here nor there. I am neither coming or going. I will not exist forever and yet I will never cease to exist. The past and the future do not exist. There is no self. There is nothing real about reality. Let go of material possessions for they do not matter and will not make you happy. Have compassion for others since everybody wants the same thing and every action everybody ever does stems from the same intention that we all have: to be happy. Think positively. Understand your true nature and that you are perfect and a valuable part of a community where everybody is equal. Be peaceful. Enjoy nature. Do the things that make you happy whilst refraining from doing things that make others unhappy as best as you can. Strive to learn and improve to become the best version of yourself. Spread good intentions and it will all come back to you. Sit and take a moment and listen to the sounds of the universe. Do not judge what you see or hear and do not judge your own thoughts. Just be aware of everything around you and aware of your own mind and infinite potential. Let all thoughts come and go naturally until the disturbed mind obtains some kind of clarity in this moment right now. You are pure energy and pure potential. Your consciousness has control of a physical body for this moment and it should be cherished. You are a manifestation of the Universe that is looking at itself and aware of itself. The only thing constant is change and the only thing that matters is your mind and what you experience. Nothing is permanent. Be free. Be at peace. Be One. Peace and love xx


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One Response to The Light of the World

  1. Dr. Richard says:

    I liked how well you described your deep connection with ASMR, not many people put it so eloquently.


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