Glastonbury Festival 2014

“You’re the book that I have opened
And now I’ve got to know much more”




I have to write about this little section of life before it all totally fades away like a beautiful dream. I recently re-read my post about V Festival 2011 and it brought it all back for me. Maybe by now I would have forgotten about that annoying girl that was a massive fan of the Manic Street Preachers if it wasn’t for that blog. I hope that in a few years time this blog will remind me of what it was like to be at Glastanberrrrrry because I may never get a chance to go again. So here we go.



The day before we went was a Tuesday and it was a stressful day. I am so glad I booked it off work cause I left myself a lot to sort out. Mostly supplies and packing but also there was an England match to contend with (that didn’t even matter since we were already out but what the hell) and I had to give my head a shave with my new clippers. Short as possible is the best way at a festival. I met some pals (Marc and Duncan) for a beer to discuss what lay ahead the next day, met some pals (Dean and Parkes) to shop for festival essentials and met some pals (Alex and Jamie) to watch that shitty England match. And packed. Such stress. Such anticipation. I went to bed at 11pm and set an alarm for 2:30 am since I wanted one last bath before I got picked up at 3:50 am. But one does not simply just go to sleep the night before a festival. Especially since V when I overslept and had to rush to pack everything and leave with no bath. So with that in my mind I just couldn’t sleep. So I stayed up, had a bath and got picked up by Marc. We were excited as hell. Festival hats were on and energy drinks were in hand. Off we went to meet Duncan and Cobo for the drive south. On the way my body was telling me to be a selfish prick and get some sleep but Marc wouldn’t have it which is fair enough lol. A blast of cool morning air when the car window opens does more than a can of Monster ever could.



After a few hours drive, a stop off for a rip off breakfast bap and a bit of a traffic queue we arrived and parked up. Next came one of the worst parts of the festival and one of the worst parts of any festival. Queuing to get the hell into the place. Every festival you try to arrive early and somehow beat the queues but it’s madness since everybody does the same and there are simply too many people to avoid a massive queue. We joined the queue and cracked open a can each. Already I realised I had packed too much stuff as my back was killing me. The queue didn’t move for a while and when it did and we reached the horizon and turned a corner the queue would just go off onto another horizon. Every time we reached somewhere that seemed like it may be the end of the queue we were simply faced with another spiral of queuing people. It is hell when you’re tired. Especially as after 10 minutes the trolley thing that we had our beer on lost a wheel so had to be dragged rather than wheeled. At times like this my mind loses the ability to be rational. I try to tell myself that a couple of hours of pain is nothing in the grand scheme of things and when it is over we’re at Glastonbury and there are such great times ahead. Other than a few aches later what does it matter? Just have to get through it right? But when I’m in this situation I start thinking crazy. I start getting pissed off at the people in the queue ahead of me. I start getting pissed off at Glastonbury for being so damn popular. I start thinking about ditching my chair or chucking half of my clothes away. Utter madness. But there was something to take my mind off the pain other than the anticipation of arriving at Glastonbury. Boobs. Cleavage everywhere. Festivals seem to attract awesome girls. It was appreciated. And after almost an eternity or two hours (one of those) we finally reached the gates. A ticket was shown and a wristband was attached. We were there! The best festival in the world. However the relief was brief since it is only once the tent is up that you can truly relax. Where do you put your tent? How close do you get to the stages? How much further can you be arsed to carry everything? You end up reaching a compromise. Get as close as you can until you really can’t be bothered to go further. We set up close to some toilets and only a 10 minute walk from the Other Stage. Also the impressive Arcadia wasn’t too far away. Although Glastonbury is huge I don’t think it is that difficult to travel around it since there is a runway that connects a lot of it together. So we put the tent up, got the chairs out and cracked open a can or two. I don’t think there’s a feeling as good in the world when you have queued for ages and finally get the tent up and sit down. Some of my best memories in life are of times at a festival when we’ve reached that point.



After that I’m guessing we went for a wander (I know we visited the Pyramid stage) and a bite to eat but my memory is hazy. At this point I had been awake for over 24 hours and was so tired. I needed sleep and I couldn’t see how I’d get through the day without a nap even though I feel like sleeping at a festival is a waste. I had been in touch with Dean and planned to meet the dude at some point that day. We were chilling back at our tent and chatting to our festival neighbours. They seemed like a cool bunch of dudes to be camping with but other than the hour or so I spent chatting to them that day I didn’t really speak to them again. That’s how it goes at festivals though so it’s all good. One of those guys saved my Wednesday though by giving me a caffeine pill. The need for sleep went and I felt awake again. I went off to meet Dean so he could show me around and it took me 20 mins to do a 10 minute walk cause already I was struggling to find my way around. I’m crap at directions and this would be my downfall later. Eventually I found the dude and we went off around the place. He showed me a few of the cool places we’d be seeing over the weekend like Stone Circle. Glastonbury is like a little city. It has everything. Every kind of food and drink. It has shops and bars. The EE tent was amazing. Normally I take a festival phone to use for calls and texts since I don’t want to risk using my real phone and breaking or losing it (which almost happened). But the advantages on offer from EE were too great to not take advantage of. 4G everywhere. And for £20 we all had a powerbar that would charge our phone and could be swapped for a fully charged one as often as we liked whenever it was depleted. Plus you could pin point where your tent was which should have been really handy (but wasn’t for me). Anyway, we arrived at a Brother’s cider tent. Now I do not like cider that much but I can deal with fruity cider. They did a strawberry one and it was divine. This Brother’s tent screwed me over. I was already pretty tipsy since I’d constantly had a can in my hand all day and had no sleep. But we started smacking these ciders down us in the sunshine and I ended up wasted. The other dudes met us and we chilled there for a while. I got sun burnt. I for some reason took my sunglasses off and lost them. I also took my real glasses off and left them on the ground for somebody to potentially trample on. Luckily I realised and we went back and found them. That would have been the second time at a festival that I’d have needed new glasses afterwards. I know I was loving life that day and was just glad to be there with great company and loads of beer. But things get really sketchy for me after that. I know we left that place and went elsewhere. I vaguely remember being inside somewhere that had music on and a bar maybe. I vaguely remember visiting the Hare Krishna tent and thinking it was awesome. I’ve been told I bought a coffee and a big bacon baguette but don’t remember. Probably trying to sober up cause I knew I was way too hammered. And then disaster struck. Whilst walking back to the tent I must have been lagging behind and at some point I realised that I was on my own. I’d lost the other dudes. I don’t even remember at what point during the day Dean and the others had gone but I had now lost everyone and I had no idea how to get back to the tent. I’m not sure I could have figured it out sober on the first day but with all that booze consumed I had no chance. I rang Marc and I don’t know what I said to him. He asked if I could see a big yellow balloon and I could. I think he tried to direct me from there but I was out of my mind. I tried to use the “find the tent” function on the EE app and spoke to Marc again but just could not for the life of me figure out where to go. I wanted to curl up in a ball and go to sleep so bad but it didn’t look like it would be possible that night unless I just slept on the grass somewhere. Then my phone battery died and I had no power bar on me. I stumbled around and asked for directions. Nothing made any sense. I got angry at the world and at myself. Rows and rows of tents for miles. Bars and music and food places and people everywhere. I was actually nowhere near my tent I later realised and that’s why I couldn’t find it. I kept going round in circles. This went on for about two hours and eventually I made peace with the situation in which I found myself. I told myself that this was my Glastonbury experience and anything could happen at any time. Since I had no phone maybe I wouldn’t see Marc or Dean or any of them again this festival. I’d have to make my own way and make new friends. Maybe I could get a train home. I could still see Metallica and have a great time. As I was thinking this crazy shit I stumbled upon an idea. In the distance I could see a big red letter. It was a C. I realised I was near gate C and we came in through gate D. It was a major breakthrough. I went over to gate C and asked a girl there how to get to gate D. She gave me directions that even I could follow. “Go down that path and turn left, then carry on down that path and turn left again”. So I did. And once I was in the vicinity of gate D I was able to figure out where our tent must be. As I turned the last corner I saw a big flag in the air that said “Welcome”. That flag was what I had been looking for and I was so happy to see it. I went into the tent and at last stumbled into a lovely sleep that was much needed. I had been an absolute tit but this was Glastonbury and who the hell cares? Day 1 done.



It felt like I slept for about 10 hours. In tents perceptions can be strange. Sun and rain seem to be amplified in a tent. So it can seem blazing hot and it can seem like it has been really bright outside for hours. But when I woke it was around 8 am. Six hours sleep. It’s much better than 0 hours sleep and I felt better. I wasn’t even too hungover. Don’t think I waited too long before I cracked open a can again. A lot of what we did from Thursday to Saturday has already started to sort of merge into one long day. It’s a mixture of the fact that I didn’t have much sleep so one day would roll into the next and the fact that so much beer got consumed. I know Thursday we had more of a look around the festival to take it all in. The place is so big. I’m sure that day we went to areas that I never even went back to. We drank loads. It rained a bit and we had to switch to wellies and wellies remained on our feet for the rest of it.  During the day we met up with Dean and went off to some tent where some rave was maybe going on. We had to queue to get in but it was ok cause we had a beer and a smoke and when we got in there was a pretty cool vibe in there. It was only 4 pm and the place was rocking. That’s another great thing about Glasto, nobody was a dickhead at all. After that we went elsewhere to explore. There were cool murals on a huge wall and we visited Block 9 which is a huge strange club with a van hanging out of the wall. We saw some more live music in some tent that I really enjoyed. I had my first Glastonbury shit. It was so difficult. You obviously don’t want to sit cause who knows what you’re sitting on right? But the hole seemed a bit too far away to hover over. I had a bit of a panic cause I thought I was going to drop a shit either directly into my boxers at one point or if not there then I would miss the hole and have to poke it over the side with some tissue and down to the sewage below. Thankfully I watched it drop nicely where it was supposed to go. After a cracking day on the beer with Marc, Duncan and Cobo we eventually met up again with Dean, Jordan and Parkes at some bar. I was pretty wasted again at this point but nowhere near as bad as the night before. Parkes had apparently gone missing but was probably having a great time somewhere. Dean was in a great mood and seemed to be really loving life. The bar we were at was completely rammed. I remember seeing a guy passed out and being put in the recovery position. Once we were all together we went from bar to bar all around the festival. Stopping off at various places for a bit of a dance. We had to keep checking behind us and ahead of us so nobody would get lost. It was such a great night. Everybody got on well and though I must have been tired I didn’t feel like sleeping at all. At one point a couple of us stopped off for a piss and the Hare Krishna guys were there again banging the drums and singing their song. We all joined in for a while. There must have been easily over 50 people singing and bouncing along with them randomly outside the toilets. Then we did the conga out of there and carried on. Eventually we arrived at Stone Circle and had a deep discussion about all sorts of cool philosophical stuff. By the time we were walking back to the tent it must have been nearly 4am. It started to rain and that signaled the end of an awesome evening. Glasto was already so incredible and those first two days were so much better than the first two days of other festivals I’ve been to. Normally it’s just about setting up tent and chilling whilst anticipating music. But there’s so much going on at Glasto and such a great atmosphere everywhere that it’s impossible to not have an amazing time. By the time I got into bed that morning I remember thinking that the festival hadn’t even really started yet and there was much more to come.



After a measly 4 hours sleep (which ain’t too shabby at a festival) we got up and cracked on with the first real day of Glastonbury. I had gone into this festival with no real plan other than that I definitely would be seeing Metallica. Everything else was optional and would be decided at the time with whoever I was with. At some festivals there are some bands that you are so desperate to see that it stresses you out. You need to be at a certain place at a certain time with a view to seeing that band and you hope you can get close to the stage. In some ways it’s better when you can have an open mind about everything so you can just experience whatever is going on with no stress. And that’s mostly what Glastonbury was going to be for me I had decided. We heard Kaiser Chiefs on from our tent but didn’t head down to where it was all going on in a rush. By the time we arrived at the Other stage Blondie was there and we had a goosey gander at that. It was pretty cool. We then saw a bit of Rodrigo Y Gabriella and they were freaking unbelievable on the guitar. I think the bit we saw was some instrumental only part but they definitely had some good skills. I went back to get some cans and have another poo tactically and when I got back we went to the Sonic stage for Bondax and Gorgon City who I’d never heard of. They were great and the crowd there was massive considering that it was just one stage with loads of other stuff going on elsewhere. The festival seems to get split due to clashes of many great artists. There’s such variety. It was funny to see people on various substances having the time of their lives. The Sun was blazing down on us, the tunes were great and the beer was flowing. These are the best days of the year. After Gorgon City it was over to the legendary Pyramid Stage for Rudimental. I love their album and they didn’t disappoint. However the weather decided to flip. At festivals the weather has always been extreme for me. It’s never just a bit cloudy or just normal. It’s either so hot you get burnt and may pass out or it’s a torrential downpour. So in comes the lightning which looks amazing but cuts short Rudimental’s set. I am standing there in a t shirt since it was too warm for a jacket and it absolutely pisses it down. It’s the kind of rain where the raindrops are huge and they hit so hard that they bounce from the floor. Getting drenched is inevitable and I was so cold and wet that I just needed a poncho and some shelter. So I bought one and we hid from the elements under the covers of some clothes shop tent. After a while the storm passed but the damage was done. I was soaked through. And freezing cold. But the Sun crept out again so bollocks to it. We went to the BBC introducing tent and were “live in the UK and around the world” with Annie Mac and Pete Tong. Had a great time in there. Next we met up with Parkes and Jordan and a few others and got another fruity cider. Jurassic 5 were on. This is a group I used to listen to a lot back at uni. It was cool to hear them live but by now we were really anticipating Arcade Fire and I was starting to get really knackered. I was annoyed with myself cause I just wanted the whole time to be a non-stop party but my body was letting me down. As we got to the Pyramid Stage I ended up trapped in a toilet queue and by the time I got out I couldn’t find anyone. I could have rang or text but I thought fuck it. This night was not going to be a mad one for me. But I obviously had to see Arcade Fire. So I got pretty close and watched them on my own. They were so good and I am definitely going to listen to a lot more of them. I had doubted whether they were good enough to headline Glasto but they definitely were. After their awesome set I traipsed around the shops for a while and headed back to my tent. I felt like such an idiot getting back to the tent at 1am when I could hear the music and screams from Arcadia as everyone had the time of their lives but I just couldn’t do it that night. I told myself that it was a wise move to have an early night so I could have an amazing time for the next two days. I ended up getting 8 hours sleep which is insane for a festival. By far the best nights sleep I’ve ever had in a tent. And I woke up reinvigorated.



Saturday. Metallica day. I woke up and felt alive. I felt in a good place. Shit, I was in a great place cause I was still at Glastanberrrrry. I had a poncho so fuck the weather. I was the only one out of the tent and I cracked open a can and sat down. I breathed it all in. I knew that day was going to be a day I’d never forget. It started to rain and I didn’t give a shit. I had a poncho and a beer. It pissed it down and it was good. Relaxing. After that passed we headed to the EE tent and got split up due to the crowds. But it was all good. Me and Duncan grabbed something to eat and waited for Marc and Cobo. When they arrived we got out of the rain into Left Field. There was some political debate going that seemed to be really popular but really was mostly due to people getting out of the rain like us. Once the rain subdued a little we mosied on over to the Pyramid stage where we watched Angel Haze (an angry female rapper who I thought did a good job), Kelis (Nas’s bitch ex-wife who for some reason I really wanted to see. She looked pretty fit. But she’s still a bitch. I love Nas) and Lana Del Ray (also fit and there’s something about her music that I like a bit. My Mum had her album on the other day and when she left the flat I left the album on so it must be alright). We also played with mud and Cobo made a mud castle. We were smacking a few beers down and the Sun was shining again. And every second that ticked by we were getting closer to Metallica. Good times. Duncan wanted to see a band called Kodaline so we went and watched that. I wasn’t familiar with their stuff but they seemed like a cool band. After that we were in for a right treat. Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. He put on a show full of variety. Towards the end Marc left to go and see Bad Shepherds and though I really wanted to see them too I couldn’t leave Robert Plant in case  he did some Zeppelin tracks. And he did. When Whole Lotta Love came on it was so good, the crowd loved it. We met back up with Marc and somewhere along the line a rumour had sprang up that Stone Roses were playing a secret gig at the Park Stage. Some guy had shown Duncan a text from a “reliable source”. The thing is, what if it were true? You can’t take the risk with these things so we went to the Park Stage for 8pm. We were right at the front and there weren’t many people there. The cameras were right in our face and I’d be surprised if we weren’t on tv for this one. It turned out it wasn’t Stone Roses but Anna Calvi. She was good and it was good to be at the front. But after half an hour I was thinking we should get in position for Metallica really. So we went back to the Pyramid Stage to wait for them. Although as a side note on the way (or at some point around then anyway) disaster struck again. I dropped my Galaxy Note 3 face down in the mud. It was covered in it. It got in the sockets and stuff. I was frozen by panic. But thank Krishna for Marc and Duncan. Them guys saved my phone with wipes. Marc even sucked the mud out of the sockets. It works fine thankfully.



Anyway, we reached the Pyramid for the main event. We had a pretty decent position. Think Cobo ended up a bit further back. Parkes and Jordan weren’t far behind us but they couldn’t reach us as it was packed. Me, Marc and Duncan had a good location. There had been controversy regarding Metallica playing at Glastonbury. For one they are a metal band and maybe aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Plus Glastonbury is full of hippies (I mean that in a good way) that want to save the environment and protect it. Much had been said about Metallica’s love of hunting and some people got a petition on the bounce to make their disapproval heard. It didn’t work and they were there headlining the famous Pyramid Stage. It began with a video showing men hunting with dogs. Until they got shot. By bears. Who were really Metallica inside costumes. It was a nice way to address the problem and break the ice. And it also showed Metallica didn’t give a shit about the naysayers. Metal had arrived on the biggest stage and the biggest band were there to do it. They put on their usual incredible live show. Played all the big songs and even did Whiskey in a Jar which Marc approved of. I loved that show. Had a great time and it put me in such an amazing mood. After that I was well up for a mad night. There’d be no early night for me. I met up with Jordan, Parkes and a few others. We had to meet Dean since he hates Metallica and watched Mogwai instead and Mogwai finished a bit later. We got split from Marc and Duncan and though we tried to meet up I didn’t see them again that night. Sounded like they had a blast though as they got pissed with Paulo Nutini as you do. Me and the rest of the guys went on a trek around the festival that was due to lead us to the Shangri La area which is like a festival inside a festival. There’s so much going on there. At this point I did something that I had been apprehensive about and dropped a bomb of MDMA. It’s hard to write it here since it’s public and anyone could read it. Lol, so I’m trying to disguise it. But it was a huge part of the night for me. I don’t do drugs and I came “up” in  big way. All perceptions felt enhanced and I felt amazing. The music was incredible and I could not stop moving. With a bunch of friends and good vibes it was an unforgettable experience.

After partying like mad bastards at Shangri La until about 5 am we ended up stumbling into the healing tents and sat down for a smoke. I somehow ended up with some Rum and Coke that someone gave Dean. Some guy came to chat to us and after a while we realised we were at his tent and on his bench at 5 am. He was a nice guy but we felt we should leave him be. Went back to Dean’s tent for a while where Parkes slept with eyes open and it freaked me out a bit. By the time I arrived back at my tent for a final beer of the “night” it was 7:30 am. Marc woke up and we said happy birthday to him. Other people were getting up and brushing their teeth and I hadn’t even been to bed yet. But I was crashing out. At about 8:15 am I sat on my airbed and then lay down. Fully clothed with wellies still on. And I slept. It was like I fell into a coma.



Sunday. The last real day. I somehow woke after only 2 hours sleep and felt quite good considering everything. Marc had gone to change his power bar. I went for a piss and changed my power bar and when I got back his part of the tent was empty. The muthafucker had gone home. He was always going that day early but it was pretty sudden and it made me sad as I realised it was all nearly over. I was so up for another mad day and night. But I have no commitments so it’s easy for me. The other three dudes in the tent have stuff to go back to so I understood when they all wanted to beat queues and get back in good time. There was talk of packing the tent now and going that night. It was making me sad. I never wanted it to end. We decided to leave the packing and go and watch some music. My head was starting to hurt so I had a few beers as that usually sorts it out. We watched some stuff at the Other Stage and Pyramid Stage. I fancied a Brother’s Cider so bad and so went off on my own for a bit to the West Holts Stage. Grabbed a cider and Parkes text me saying he was there somewhere so I thought some cool band must be on and I stayed there. The band was called Melt Yourself Down and they were pretty jazzy and I got quite into it. In fact I should probably listen to an album of theirs in the Sun. I still couldn’t shake the headache and annoyingly the tiredness started to creep in. I refused to let it make me go to sleep but I was walking around dazed like an absolute mong.



I ended up going back to Dean’s tent to chill with them dudes for a while. Their tent was close to the Other Stage so you could be at that tent and still be listening to music. I liked that. Jordan kindly offered to let me ride back with them the next day so I could stay out and the other guys in my tent could get back and everyone was happy. I must have ended up pretty drunk because much of the day time on Sunday becomes a blur to me. We definitely went off watching music but I can’t remember where until 5 pm when the whole world ended up at the Pyramid Stage to watch Dolly Parton. That was pretty surreal. Never seen a crowd so jam packed that went on for miles. And I have to admit it was fun to watch. When Jolene came on the crowd got involved and it was a good moment. We couldn’t have moved from Dolly if we tried. After that I dragged Dean, Jordan and Parkes to the EE tent and they did some shopping and bought some turtle hats. Those guys were so funny that day.



The festival was coming to an end. It had to go out in style even though my body was screaming for sleep. We watched two bands in the Sun called St. Vincent and Bonobo and they were both really good. My pals have a cool taste in music. I totally forgot that Yoko Ono was on and it was a good job. I watched her set on BBC iPlayer and it was awful. She is an absolute maniac. I remember looking around at everyone and everything that day trying to take it all in so I never forgot how awesome the place was. There is something magical about Glastonbury. After Bonobo I dropped my last MDMA. I felt like it was too early but I needed a bump up to stop me from crashing out. After 10 minutes I started to feel it already. And we made our way to the final band.



I always envisioned the final band would be Kasabian. I used to listen to their stuff and liked it but hadn’t heard their latest albums. So I wasn’t too bothered about seeing them. The other guys really wanted to see Massive Attack. I’d never heard their music but didn’t mind seeing them at all. I just wanted to stay with the crew. So over we went. It started to get dark. Massive Attack came on and I instantly knew it was a great decision. They were so so good. Easily one of the best times of the whole festival. The lights and the political videos added to it all. Their music was so dark and atmospheric. I fell in love with that band and since I’ve got back from Glastonbury they’re all I’ve listened to. Mezzanine is an incredible album. At the time I wasn’t sure if it was the band or the drugs which made this music so great. Probably a bit of both. It was an unbelievable experience for me. There was a screen that kept lighting up with intense green colours and it seemed to engulf the crowd. I felt we were all as one and we were also one with the music. Totally connected. And the music would build until it reached a point that was so epic and powerful. It really had an affect on me and I thank Dean and the other guys so much for taking me there.

After the high of Massive Attack everybody seemed to be in party mode. Like give it all you have got cause this is the last night. I went to Arcadia for the first time. Even though you can always see the fire in the distance and hear it from our tent I hadn’t been there yet. It was pretty spectacular once you got close. The DJ was on top of a huge mechanical spider thing. Lasers would coming from this cool structure and huge flame throwers on top of it kept throwing fire into the sky that would light up the crowd and heat us up in an awesome way for a split second. The music was great too and I was enchanted and hypnotised by the whole thing. I could not stop dancing and could not take my eyes away from it. At some point some dude with us mentioned that maybe we should leave and go elsewhere and I just didn’t want to go. Thankfully neither did the others. We stayed a while and enjoyed the moment some more.



Next we went walking back to the Shangri La area again. I kept getting distracted and almost got lost. But the guys came back and found me. That was a bit scary being lost in the mayhem for a bit. We went from club to club. I was sipping my whiskey flask. We were high on life but crashing out. It was getting hard to party as our bodies couldn’t take much more. After a couple of hours we headed back to Stone Circle to chill and watch the sunrise. We were all so tired. And the morning arrived. We were so so close to seeing the Sun come over the horizon but just couldn’t quite manage it. Dean suggested heading back to the tents and I snapped his hand off. Though we weren’t going back to sleep. We were heading back to pack and leave. No rest for us maniacs just yet. I packed up my stuff but left my chair cause it was muddy and the airbed cause I just couldn’t be arsed to sort it out. My feet were killing me cause my wellies were uncomfortable so I chucked them afterwards too. Blisters and a dead big toe nail that will probably fall off. Seeing the tent empty sucked. I hated knowing it was all over. But I so needed bed and getting home was just something that had to be done. I met up with the other dudes again and we dragged our asses out of Glastonbury and up a hill to the car. As soon as I sat in the car I fell into another coma and didn’t wake for three hours until we hit a McDonald’s.



Then it was home. I got in and was just in such a great mood but so tired. Crashed out on the sofa for a while. Couldn’t even face a bath for a while. I will never forget Glastonbury 2014. It is more than a festival. It is an experience. And I’ll try and go every year from now on. I usually wait to see line ups for each festival before deciding on which one to go to but I’ll now only do that if we can’t get Glastonbury tickets. It’s just that damn good. Every person who I was there with was awesome too. The people shape the experience and without them fuckers it just wouldn’t have been what it was. Come October I’m sure we’ll bust our balls to get tickets for next year and hopefully we can do it all again. And if so then it is 49 weeks and 6 days until we are back there. Massive fan of it. This blog may seem like it’s ridiculous due to its length. But this isn’t for now. It is for in a few years time when I’m reminiscing. It is my version of a photo album and it will take me back there. With these words the experience I had will never fade away. It happened. And it was the best time ever.

If you read all this you are a maniac. Much love to you. Peace x








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