This Moment

Nothing is permanent. The past is gone. The future doesn’t exist and is only a concept. The only thing that is real to us is what we perceive in our brains right this very moment. Feelings. Emotional states. Thoughts forming out of nothing and breaking like the waves on a beach. Only to retreat back to the infinite ocean from which they came. Maybe to never form again. We’re all just drops in an ocean really. We’re engulfed. Each drop seemingly unimportant when compared to the vast scale of what we are a part of. It’s so easy to get lost. It’s so easy to blend in. It’s easy to be one of seven billion souls. It requires no skill or thought. We simply are. We don’t ask for this. It just simply is what is. Matter existed. The Universe formed. The planet cooled. Species evolved. All of your ancestors met. You were conceived. Out of the cosmic ocean you were formed and you will retreat back to the cosmos. Nothing is gained or lost. Emptiness gives the potential for anything to happen. And so here you are. Reading this. Here I am. Typing this. We’re made of the same stuff. Dust from the stars. We’ve probably breathed in the same molecules of air and drank the same molecules of water. We are connected. I am you. You are me. And love binds us like inter-molecular forces bind together everything that exists. Attraction between charged particles. A spark of something indescribable. Something divine. Worries and fears are insignificant. They’re manifestations of the mind which is simply a manifestation of the Universe that is momentarily looking at itself with conscious thought. Worrying about the future is absurd. Because all that there is is this moment right now.

This moment. You can do with it what you will. You are a conjurer. You are a creator. You are a part of a vast system and you always will be. You can experience greatness. You can be happy. Laugh. Live. Jump. Hop. Eat a banana. Walk and feel joy with each step. Watch nature. Gaze at the stars where you were really born. Breathe the air. Raise your vibration. Be your greatest version. You are a speck of cosmic dust in an infinite ocean. But you are connected to every other speck of dust and with positivity you can have a great impact on everything around you. You did not ask for this moment. But you have it. Own it.

These thoughts enchant my mind. They give me freedom. Without this I would be a nihilist who would destroy everything around me including myself. In every day life there are glimpses of the chaos that also enchants me. The lack of a care for anything on some days. Money? Work? Friends? Health? Some days I destroy myself, throw money away and avoid everyone. Yet I know that all of this is just another manifestation of the same mind. A mind that needs taming. None of this makes me feel good. I could just spiral down a slope creating one disaster after another whilst dancing on the winds of chaos. I would unravel and become unhinged. A total destruction of self. You may have never felt the pull of this darkness and if you haven’t then I’m happy for you. I accept it. I accept myself totally. We’re all flawed at the same time as we’re divine. Particles can be positively charged. Or negatively. You can attract. Or repel. You can laugh. Or cry. Breathe. Or choke. Walk. Or lie down and give up. If you think too much giving up can seem like the easier option. And in the grand scheme of things it won’t even matter. All you have is a choice of what to do with this moment. Not tomorrow. Not later. Be happy or sad. Which one feels better?

This may seem deep. In some ways it is deep. Everything is deep. Everything has exactly as much meaning as you give it. Words have power because you give them power. Things only appear to be a certain way because your mind is there to perceive it. Reality isn’t real. Life is but a dream. And it can be beautiful or a nightmare. And that is simple. So fantastically simple. Be happy. I love you. I relate to you. I’m connected to you. I am you. You inspired these words. This is not a computer screen you’re reading from. It is a mirror. They’re your words. They were created for you. This moment.

Love x

About dazz22

I’m a dude from England and I’m just your average screw up of a human being
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