“Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.”


Do you like pie? Of course you do. Everyone likes a bit of pie. You can see the pie. The pie is everywhere. The pie is desirable. The pie is also absolutely massive. It’s so big and so amazing. You want it. You want as much of it as you can get and so does everybody else. You already have some of the pie but you would like more. Some people have a huge slice of pie and you envy that. You would like as much pie as they have but they keep obtaining more and more pie and now your piece of pie doesn’t seem like enough at all. You enjoy your pie but want more pie. You want everybody to envy the amount of pie that you have. A pitiful amount of pie is just unacceptable. You can work hard to get some more pie. You can get lucky and get some more pie. But no matter how much pie you have you just want more pie. It sometimes seems like if you just had a little bit more pie then you would be satisfied. But then you get that bit of extra pie you thought would make the quest complete and find that satisfaction once again evades you.

Sometimes you lose pie and remember back when you had more pie than you have now. You have fond memories of the amount of pie you once had. And you need that pie back. This pie is everything. It’s so good. The more pie you have the happier you will be right? Just look at those with the huge slices of pie and you can see how terribly happy they are. There is a thought that nags at you from time to time. No matter how much pie you obtain you can only eat a small portion of it. Some day all of the pie that is “yours” will be lost. You will have no pie at all. There will be no “you” around anymore to have any pie. So the pie you had is up for grabs again. Others will gain your pie. Such is life. So why fight so hard to get huge amounts of pie that you don’t truly need? When nothing lasts forever? If you have enough pie right now then be at peace with it. Let others have the pie. Give the pie away. Free yourself from this addiction to pie. You don’t need it. It will never make you happy. You have all you need to be happy without the pie. Even if others tell you how great the pie is just believe in your own happiness. They’re not truly happy with the pie either. It feels like a lie but we all suffer from the same delusions from time to time. Forget the pie. Let the pie be. Walk on. Rest easy. You will have as much pie as you’ll ever need so long as you don’t depend on it. That’s the secret. Do not seek peace and happiness. It’s already there. Just go with it.

There’s no such thing as an angry person. You cannot be characterised in such a way. Anger is an emotional response at a given situation perceived as unjust. But it is a one time thing. If you are constantly acting on anger then you need to look at the reasons why. You have control of your own feelings. When has anger ever helped with a situation? When has anger ever made you feel better? Often the things we feel have made us angry are not what has made us feel this way in reality. It’s always something deeper. The little things that set off tantrums are just triggers for our cries for help. Our responses to events reflect how we view the world. If we view the world in a negative way with envy and attachment to materialistic desires then we often react impulsively with anger. We lash out at the injustice of our environment. We bemoan our lack of luck. We are dismayed that our efforts go unnoticed. We crave attention. Our egos want more. We want to be liked and loved. We want to look and feel great. We want pat on the back after pat on the back. We want clothes and great food. We want everything to come to us easily. And when it doesn’t it just isn’t fair and we react. But what if you didn’t need anything from anyone? What if you came to the realisation that no object and nobody else will ever give you what you think you desire? With such a realisation you could change your view of the world and let it all go. You don’t need to be told how great you are. You simply are great. You don’t need to try to change. Nothing is permanent. Our cells change. Our bodies change. Our personalities change from one moment to the next. And you are part of a perfect system. Right now you are perfect even with all of your imperfections. Control your desires. Instead of looking outward at what you think you desire try looking inwards. Look deeply and you’ll see how materialistic needs will never cure a constant itch that you have. Life really is but a dream. We are lucky we are capable of experiencing experiences. Look at The Sun. It is a marvel. It is so far away. So huge. So bright. It’s a ridiculously massive ball of fire that we’re orbiting and it gives us life. It is one of several billion in our galaxy. It’s such a wonder that it is very difficult to grasp just how utterly unlikely and absurd the whole thing is and as soon as we do get a partial grasp on it all we often immediately lose it again. Our senses are wonderful. We can smell, touch, taste, hear and see. However those five senses are only capable of showing us a small portion of reality. With the tools we have in today’s society and with certain scientific methods we have come to some inexplicable realisations about reality. Without going too deep; on a quantum level we see such inter-connectivity of all matter that some feel it can help us to see that our egos and desires at the expense of others is just totally misguided. There is evidence to support a theory called Quantum Entanglement. I know nothing about this theory. But then nobody does. But what it means is that on a quantum level if two particles have interacted in a certain way then they are connected forever. If something happens to one you can measure the results in the other. The distance does not matter. Metres apart or light years apart. There is no way to transmit information between the two. And yet still no matter what happens as one particle spins one way the other spins in the opposite way and if one speeds up so does the other. Being opposite ends of the Universe doesn’t matter. They behave as one. They are connected.  As everything is. Without a mind to perceive these observations do they really even happen at all? By viewing the world we are affecting it. And yet we do view the world. This marvelous dream that we are a part of is a blessing.

The moral of the story? Enjoy your pie.

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I’m a dude from England and I’m just your average screw up of a human being
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2 Responses to Pie

  1. willbott says:

    I fancy a piece of physical pie, not the metaphorical kind.


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