Terrible Terrorists (Live Together, Die Alone)

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets”



Sometimes you can sit back and spectate. And other times you feel like joining in with your own perspective. Like most people I have some opinions on the state of the world today. Everyday I check the news and I see similar stories regarding the problems in the Middle East and how these problems are affecting us. Everyday I log on to Facebook and I see multiple people posting about these stories. It seems to me that a large proportion of the British public now have a similar view when it comes to the problems in the world. People are working hard and struggling to pay bills and they hear of people on benefits and feel aggrieved that some people are getting “hand outs” whilst they’re out there earning. People hear of foreigners coming into the country and claiming benefits that belong to us as a nation. And then to top it all off they hear of terrorist attacks by Muslims who not only want to invade our country and use our resources but they actually want to force us to live how they think we should live. Planes are hitting buildings. Buses are getting blown up. Loyal soldiers are getting beheaded in the streets. Innocent people on the beach are getting mindlessly murdered. People are fed up with it and want change. Some people want the benefits stopped and the borders closed. Some want to engage them in the streets and fight. Some want to wipe them all from the planet. People are angry. And I wouldn’t blame them. If it was as simple as some people believe it is (or want to believe it is) then we should be angry. Who the fuck do they think they are taking us hostage and killing us? It’s just not on and enough is enough….

Except this is not based on reality. The reality of the situation is far more complex but people have their minds made up and don’t want to hear it. They’re united in their anger and hatred. UKIP votes are going up. The EDL are marching in the streets and the hateful and racist Facebook posts are coming at a faster rate than ever before. And it’s really quite sad now. People that are actually nice human beings in day to day life are quoting from the Daily Mirror and saying such horrible and evil things that is obviously not what they really would believe if they knew the full scale of the problem.

Before I carry on it should go without saying that every attack that has claimed innocent lives is a crime against humanity and devastating for all involved. But it is not as simple as some people make it out to be. In Tunisia it was not just one man with a gun pulling the trigger whilst aiming at other innocent people. It was a man from a part of the world where they have been subjected to terrorist attacks themselves. There’s a lot of provocation there. It doesn’t make it right and it should never be an eye for an eye. But remember back in 2003 when we were United with the USA and were bombing Baghdad? On the news it was called “shock and awe tactics”. It was night time in the city and it was lit up like a wonderful firework celebration. It would have been beautiful. If not for the fact that each “firework” was a bomb blowing the streets up and killing many people. Do you think the people of Iraq felt like they were being liberated in that moment? When their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters lay in pieces in the streets? Was that not terrorism? It doesn’t excuse the bombing of the buses in London at all. But let’s not be biased here. It wreaks of ignorance when people talk about attacks against us like we’re an angelic nation when we’re far from that.

People are dressing up their racism in different ways lately but it is easy to see through. There’s a lot of pride about the UK and a great sense of patriotism and rightly so. There’s a lot to be proud of. But amongst all of the flags outside windows and the memorials for Lee Rigby (RIP) and the silence for the people recently killed in Tunisia (RIP) you can see that a lot of this is just another way in which people are trying to increase a divide against certain people. If somebody loves their country and wants to express that and that’s all they want to do then it’s all good. But often instead of this sentence: “I love England!” – I find I hear this sentence: “I love England…and hate everyone from the Middle East”. They don’t say the second part but they do mean it and we can hear it and feel the hatred behind it. Every now and then the mask will slip. They will go for weeks on Facebook where they only talk of pride for their country and voice their disgust at the latest attack the media is running with. They’ll even try to appear to be diplomatic by saying how they realise that it’s not every Muslim but only the extremists. But keep reading what they post and one day after a beer or two you can bet your last quid they come out with a statement such as “we should take to the streets with baseball bats and defend ourselves” or “wipe every last one of the fuckers off the map”. And right in that moment you see that the opinions aren’t based on facts and they don’t care about the truth. They’re just full of fear and hatred as they’ve been manipulated to think such a way and so behave as naive sheep. You think the Iraqis ever felt like taking to the streets with baseball bats to swat the bombs out of the sky while we sat and watched “shock and awe” in our living rooms with a beer? Course they did. And since their extremists are also hateful and misguided that’s why a handful of them are attacking. It’s all out of fear on both sides. What is worrying is that the British public are starting to develop extremists also. Mosques are getting attacked and innocent Muslims are getting killed due to this dangerously misguided and uncivilised way of thinking (though not such a big deal in the media as it doesn’t suit their purpose). And with each attack on either side the fear and hate will only increase which will likely only lead to escalating violence.

Like many people I don’t have time for racists. It seems ridiculous and a massive waste of energy and emotion to be so negative towards a group of people for such absurd reasons as skin colour. There are the older generation that seem more likely to be racist and this is based on the times they lived in. Times and perceptions changed as the world had a better understanding of other cultures but some of the older generation never caught up. It’s easier to forgive and generally they’re nice people also. Just influenced by what they were told as they lived their lives. And even people that are racist today aren’t worth being angry at. I believe they’re unhappy with their own lives and their anger at others is a reflection of how unhappy they are. And so really they need help too. They need to look at themselves and people around them and try to change their own lives for the better rather than focus on others. The thing that is really getting to me at the moment is the people that are generally nice people and don’t consider themselves to be racist and generally don’t act racist at all but still come out with these horrible comments. I don’t like hearing it at all. I find it hard to believe that someone I see as a kind and caring person can be so disconnected when it comes to other groups of people from other parts of the world. They’re just like you and me and everyone else in the room. They’re not some idea. They’re not evil. They exist and also have hopes and dreams and fears and insecurities. Why such a different view when it comes to them? I cannot fathom this. And you literally hear newspaper headlines coming out of their mouths when they discuss their views. So you really know this stuff to be true or were you told it and are just spreading it about like a mindless drone? I think you should have your own mind. Even if you genuinely just hate people because you don’t like what they believe and what they look like. If that’s how you genuinely feel then express that and society will react to you accordingly. Most will see you as an intolerant person and let you find your own way in your narrow minded little world. But still, at least you’re not a sheep. To spread harmful views about people just because you heard it and it seems to be a popular opinion means you are just following the crowd without using your own mind. I’m sure if these people studied the facts and gave these topics some of their own independent thought with a bit more rationality then they would soften their words.

We need a good look at ourselves. If somebody innocent gets beheaded it is disgusting. And it can never be undone. But does your anger change this for the better or does it cause more harm than good? The culprits who killed Lee Rigby were caught and will never be free again. Some say this is not enough and they should be killed too. What would this achieve? Would you feel better? Would anything positive come from such a move? I don’t believe it would. If we bomb Syria and kill a bunch of Islamic State militants would this make them back down and lead to peace? Or would it strengthen their resolve and make more attacks from them likely? We need to take responsibility for the fact that decades ago we funded these extremists when it suited us. And since then we have invaded their homeland and bombed them. They don’t want our tanks and soldiers there just like we wouldn’t want theirs on “our” land. They’re angry too. And violence only leads to more violence. We need to understand their needs and try to find other ways of achieving peace as this will benefit us all. The majority of Muslims do want peace as do Christians and every other religious or non-religious person. Every bullet fired and missile launched takes us further from that peace. Every hateful post on Facebook no matter how seemingly insignificant also takes us further from that peace. Instead of being angry and hateful try to be a bit more compassionate and see the results. Firstly, you will feel much better about yourself and secondly others (including the enemies you think you have) will feel better about you. The focus has been concentrated on IS militants and the atrocious acts they are committing. Shift the focus a bit. What about the Muslims that hate the fact that IS militants are trying to speak for everybody? These rational Muslims are totally against these crimes just like you are. The people of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan etc are just like we are. They eat, drink, sleep, piss and shit. We’re not better. We’re not the good guys. They’re not the bad guys. It’s not so black and white and anybody trying to make out that it is is simply mistaken and needs to think again.

Think for yourself. Don’t read a story or watch a news segment and completely believe it is the truth. They want ratings and they want to sell papers. They want you to feel depressed so you buy a can of coke and get a takeaway from McDonald’s. It’s all about business and profit and that’s the cause of many problems. We’re connected to each other via the internet and social media and so we’re all feeding into the same fear inducing stories and sharing them. But we should remember to think independently always. All of this Britain First stuff is just not worth looking at. Britain isn’t ours. It never has been. The Romans took it. The Anglo-Saxons had it and the Vikings also had their wicked way with these lands. Then came the Norman conquest. These are our ancestors and so our blood is not what we often think it is. British blood is a true mix of nations and we’re multicultural as is everybody on the planet. We emigrate abroad and people immigrate here. People of all backgrounds live together and share the world. If you were to travel to the International Space Station and look down on Earth what would you see? There are no borders. There are no flags above different nations by which to identify them. It is said that when an Earthling looks down on Earth from space they are humbled. In that moment they fully understand that we are one people on one planet and all squabbles over land and different faiths and cultures are unbelievably absurd. The world is a huge place but it is more connected than ever before and so seems much smaller. We’re so integrated and connected to what each and everyone of us is doing or thinking. The only way forward for us all is with compassion for all. It will take time but like Michael Jackson said it starts with the “man in the mirror”. I know how this concept sounds like it comes from a Disney film and sounds far too good to ever be true but it is the truth. Let go of your negative prejudices and show compassion for all sides. Be truly tolerant. If people want to wear certain things due to their religion then be understanding and not suspicious. Smile and be the nice people that you already are deep down. We’re all just trying our best to get on with life in the best ways we know how with the qualities and flaws we were born with.

And as for the British flag and the British nation? My opinion is quite simple. It’s a great thing when it unites people. During the Olympics and the World Cup it is all about love and unity and it can be inspiring and a sense of great pride. Whenever it is about unity then wave that flag and salute it. But whenever it is about causing a division between “us” and the rest of the world then we shouldn’t take it so seriously.  There is no “us” and “them”. Britain is just an idea and ideas change as they have done throughout time. If you’re using the flag to cause division then it’s time you thought about your own flaws and the reasons causing you to feel such negativity towards others.

Thanks for reading. Whether you agree or not I will respect it. As always, peace and love xxx


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