The Grand Scheme

“Though we may never be able to comprehend human life, we know certainly that it is a movement, of whatever nature it be. The existence of movement unavoidably implies a body which is being moved and a force which is moving it. Hence, wherever there is life, there is a mass moved by a force. All mass possesses inertia; all force tends to persist”


In the beginning there wasn’t the Word. There was something else. Apparently some singular point. This is a mystery that we need to solve someday. Why was everything that ever came to exist tightly packed together so it was more dense than we are capable of imagining? Is this theory even true at all or was something else going on? If it was true then what was it doing there? Who or what put it there? What was the purpose of it? Why did it let go and create everything? Mysteries.

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder about these things when you look out at the night sky and see the stars. The finite mind boggles at the infinite. So much creation took place when the big bang happened. Our minds literally cannot fathom certain truths when it comes to what lies beyond our little planet. It’s like trying to download a high definition film with a 56k modem and storing it on a floppy disc. We just aren’t capable. When you talk of the size of some of the objects floating around and the amount of objects floating around and the distances between these objects it just gets silly. Life should be enjoyed in the present moment but why is there a present moment? Why did we evolve and reach this point and where are we going?

NASA released the biggest picture ever of the Andromeda galaxy a while ago. When zoomed in the results were amazing and scary. The stars were so tightly packed that it looked like we were looking at the concrete pavement. And the stars went so far in every direction. Except the fact is that there’s mostly just empty space between all of these stars and the distance from one to the other would be light years. Light is fast. It can go around the circumference of the Earth 7.5 times in one second. And it would take light years and years to go from one star to the next in a particular galaxy. And that galaxy contains hundreds of billions of stars. It is just one galaxy. There’s hundreds of billions of galaxies. Maybe more. Maybe it goes on forever. It’s another concept that makes no sense to the brain no matter which way you look at it. Either there’s an end or there isn’t. If there isn’t an end to the Universe then how can that be? Just try to imagine it. You’re moving through space at the edge of everything and you can just keep going. There’s always more space to move into and another galaxy to visit. It just doesn’t seem possible to our primitive brains and yet neither does the other possibility. You cannot bump into a wall in your space ship. If you did then you could knock it down surely? What would lie beyond it? It can’t end. There must be a third possibility that we cannot imagine. It neither ends nor doesn’t end. Somehow.

Anyway. So everything started when the big bang event happened. Stars were created when they gathered mass and started fusion. Why? Why is there gravity? Why does an object attract another object? Why does the Earth go around the Sun in orbit? Why do stars go around the centre of the galaxy? Why why why? Planets were formed from matter somehow for some reason. Our Earth was one of them. Other elements were formed inside stars and arounds stars. Stuff got more complex. Complex molecules came into existence and were made of various things. Atoms that have extra protons in the nucleus are totally different substances to each other and can react and create new substances. Even though atoms are mostly just nothing. Somehow after a lot of crazy reactions and a long time these molecules started to evolve. They adapted to the environment and improved themselves little by little. They gained abilities and grew new parts. Evolution is mostly nothing. Hardly anything ever happens but given enough time all of those tiny improvements can lead to amazing results. Fish, lizards, birds, mammals….creatures that became aware of themselves and their surroundings. One of the types of mammals became us. We got lucky when the dinosaurs got wiped out and were able to dominate the planet after a few million years of hunting and creating tools and learning revolutionary ways to communicate with each other. We wrote stuff down, we burned stuff down, we wore clothes, we rode horses, we built huts, we traveled new lands, we gave praise to the Sun, Moon and Stars, we made civilisations and had Kings and Queens, we had battles and war, we created nations and became technologically advanced, we created the economy and here we are. We know we die. We know the Earth is a sphere and we know our insignificant place in the Universe. We know it’s amazing that we exist in the first place against all odds. But we have no idea why. No religion or science can explain it. A meteor could wipe us out. Or a virus or nuclear war. One day our own Sun will kill us. We’re continuing to evolve but thousands of years are not enough to even notice such things. New generations will come after us and create better technology. We can go further and further. Transport will get faster and take us to new places. Communication will somehow get even better (even though instant facetime with anybody anywhere seems like some kind of peak). We’ve been to the Moon and have people living on an International Space Station. We plan to go to Mars and beyond and we’ll have to otherwise we face extinction as a race eventually. It’s all crazy. I cannot fathom any of it and sometimes I am just frozen by the possibilities of everything. It is terrifying and humbling. We’re a part of the natural order of things but that goes far beyond just our planet. We’re so tiny and we’ve achieved nothing and know nothing. Every question we feel like we shed some light on just leads to a whole load of new questions that are submerged in total darkness. I want to know why we’re here and where this is all going. Maybe we’re just a huge tv show that has been set up by a far superior alien civilisation. Maybe we’re the most advanced life form there is. Maybe we’re the only planet with life in a cold and lonely, vast, crazy, ridiculous, dangerous and stupid Universe. Maybe maybe maybe.

I know there are many like me that from time to time are just stopped in their tracks for a while by all these life questions. At times like this theories are not enough and our curiosity can make us just want to start pulling out a telescope and a tape measure and working some things out. It’s times like this when I can turn on the news and feel frustrated and annoyed by everything on it. Today for example I read about some asshole who killed two reporters on live tv and later killed himself. What an idiot. Whatever his problem was with those two people was just the tiniest little blip in his life in the grand scheme of things. Now he’ll never get to see where we go or what happens in the next decades and due to his selfishness neither will the people he killed.

Then there are the current problems with the economy in China. Everything about the economy irritates me and shows that we’ve lost touch with the things that are actually important. Even if this problem leads to many people losing a few quid over the next few months does it really matter? It will recover or crash and go to shit. In 10,000 years China will be covered in ice anyway so in the grand scheme of things it makes no difference. The Sun is still going to engulf the Earth so we still need to become a multi-planetary species regardless of the fluctuations in China’s economy. We invented the stupid economy and we can just end it. It doesn’t matter. Share prices do not matter. Let it go. Just start building some better rockets and send some probes out so we can look around some more and see what the hell is going on out there. Companies that go around trying to cut costs to increase profits need to wake up. Think about the big picture and think logically as deep as you can. You want your company that you partly own to do well. Why? So you can make money and live a happy and fulfilling life? Doing what? The stars are still out there with all their mysteries and it will still bug the shit out of you when you’re trying to sleep. There’s another reason people want to make money. To leave things to their kids. It sounds good. And money and possessions can get passed down generation after generation and this could go on for a long time. But still, every generation ever is going to die without knowing what the point to any of this is unless we go and figure it all out. So share prices still do not matter. Your company is on borrowed time. Even Apple are screwed. Bill Gates will pass down his fortune but it’s going nowhere as things stand. To me the fact life revolves around money is absurd. Life should revolve around the need to solve mysteries via adventure and exploration. We need to put more budget aside for this. Cutting the welfare budget to trim the deficit and pay for a new Trident nuclear deterrent? Silly. Cutting the welfare budget to pay for new technology to explore space? I think that’s a great thing to do. Cut all other budgets to fund this stuff. I want to see insane telescopes being built and I want to see us seriously planning to go to live on Mars. We surely all want this. I understand we need to sort the problems on Earth out first but it’s just taking too long. Religion holds us back and people are taking too long to get away from it. As long as they don’t try to hold scientific advancements back then let them get on with it. War needs to be solved too. We just need to convince everybody to stop needlessly killing each other and instead focus on the wonders around us. It sounds simple but is impossible for some reason. I don’t see why though. North Koreans and South Koreans both go to bed under the same stars with the same wonder. Bollocks to Kim Jong Un and his missiles that could reach cities and do damage. He needs to launch a rocket to the Moon or something instead. Stop killing, start working stuff out. It’s so easy and we need to do it.

In these moments you see the grand scale of everything and realise that all the little things are a part of it but each individual part is basically insignificant. I like football. I support Manchester United and today there is a draw taking place to decide who they face in this season’s Uefa Champions League. 99% of the time this matters to me but right now I see it as the meaningless thing that it is. It doesn’t matter who we face. It doesn’t matter if we go through or go out. There’s always next season anyway. And what about in 1,000 years time? Will United still be a Champions League team having won 93 titles over the millenium? Will we go on a bad run in a few hundred years and get relegated down the leagues and become a mid-table conference team? Will there be a new World Super League that we’re a part of? Will Man United go out of business? Will football lose popularity and just be an ancient sport that nobody knows much about? Will we all be extinct? Will we be playing intergalactic football where an away day means being cryogenically frozen and sent at light speed to a star that takes a few hundred years to get to? Who knows? And maybe there is a small chance that this little cog that is today’s draw does matter and is a part of what is to come. Maybe by getting a favourable draw we’ll get through and eventually win it this season. Maybe that will lead to United dominating Europe and gaining more global fans. Maybe all the extra income coming into United will trigger a huge boost in the UK economy which eventually leads to us becoming the World’s super power and then maybe we throw a load of cash at the questions of life and figure some things out leading to us knowing why we’re here and where we’re heading. Then maybe due to all this the human race becomes a ridiculously advanced race and we colonise the rest of the galaxy whilst crushing inferior races. Maybe we force them to like football and this leads to the intergalactic league. Or maybe United get a tough draw and go out. No European domination, no new fans, no economy boost, not superpower, no figuring out of anything. And instead China dominates and has a nuclear disaster that kills us all. Maybe today’s draw does matter but it really doesn’t feel like it does in the grand scheme of things.

It is hard to be a human with a human brain whilst living on this little spec of dust in the vast nothingness of space where we’ve created unimportant things like the economy and act like they matter. On an infinite scale a banana is just as impressive as an iPhone. Both come from the stars against all odds. They’re both made of the same stuff. They’re both extremely advanced creations when compared to where they’ve come from and they’re both extremely primitive in comparison to where all this is headed. We need to consider these facts when getting annoyed at standing in a queue. Think deeply about the fact you’re here and in a queue in the first place. It’s truly remarkable. Ridiculous actually. You have eyes that let you see some of the electromagnetic spectrum so you can see the time that we’ve created and you can experience annoyance that you’ve been in a queue a few minutes longer than you had anticipated due to some other soul from the stars in front of you having a problem with his bank. It’s actually incredible but also utterly utterly pointless. So don’t worry about it. Don’t waste thoughts on it. Instead look up at the sky and laugh in disbelief at the absolute absurdity of everything and be thankful you have a ticket to be a part of it when so easily all those millions of years ago the meteor that killed the dinosaurs could have missed and that could have led to one of your ancestors being eaten by a t-rex so you never even had the slightest chance of being there in that queue on that day anyway. Be thankful. And buy a telescope.

That’s life. Absurd and amazing. Everything in the present moment is so pointlessly important and crucially unimportant at the same time. I just would like it if in the news some of the real issues had some time. And some more money and resources were given to causes that matter. I wish we could unite as Earthlings in our quest for adventure. We should feed our curiosity instead of our greed. Don’t watch X-factor. Don’t worry about what Kim Kardashian is doing today. Don’t give your life to a company so they can increase profit when they’re going nowhere anyway. Read a book. Eat a banana.



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