Plants and Animals

“I came to this world with nothing. And I’ll leave with nothing but love. Everything else is just borrowed”


Time. Too much of it. That’s what I have sometimes. Most of the time I feel like I have no time at all but sometimes I definitely have too much time with too little to do. I drive myself crazy. There’s just too much going on and it paralyses me. I think about the future too much. I’m always looking outwards at the World and thinking about what lies ahead. It would be a great way to think if I were involved in science in some way and had opportunities to make a tiny impact. Instead I’m stuck with the mundane.

Consumerism. It’s a screwed up way of living. I’m a part of it but dislike it. It comes in phases for me. There are times when buying things seems to make a person feel better. A few months ago I had a spell of buying nostalgic games consoles and games for them. I spent a few hundred quid and now I have this stuff all over the flat. I don’t play them and don’t need them. At the time this collecting bug hit me and I felt like I needed this stuff. It’s so pointless and I wish this stuff wasn’t here now and instead would very much like the money back in the bank. I feel like if somebody broke into my flat and stole most of my stuff I wouldn’t be too bothered. I’m so glad I managed to avoid getting a new phone. None of these possessions bring happiness. I am in love with a couple of albums right now and can listen to them anytime via Spotify. But the idiotic consumer in me feels compelled to buy the album on vinyl just to own it. It’s so dumb and this is just a symptom that I have to continue to resist. This consumer lifestyle is not based on reality.

The way we mostly live our lives can seem like the way things are. It’s a society that we have built for ourselves that I guess does a good job at being some kind of decent civilisation. Still there are many flaws with Western life and ways we could improve things. We’re always thinking about the next stage of life and we rarely think about the endless present moment which is all there really is. We’re born, grow and develop a bit before school, college, maybe uni, job, promotions/better job and retirement. Along the way are milestones of things we need to have. Car and house are the big events. Maybe your own business too. And then there are the small things we collect along the way. TV’s, stereos, games consoles, phones, Blu-Rays, CD’s, books, clothes, jewellery etc. Some of these things make life a bit more convenient and some put a smile on our faces for a moment or two. But none of it is in the slightest bit important to the qualify of life we have. It’s not just a nice thing to believe but actual truth. Maybe it’s due to being bombarded with advertisements all day long everyday or maybe it’s just the human need to follow the crowd but we buy too much crap that we don’t need. It’s cool if you can buy all this crap and not really care about any of it. However it gets annoying to deal with the expectation of society and the unnecessary pressure we place on ourselves to get this stuff. There are always questions coming my way…”why haven’t I got a car yet?”…”how am I ever going to own my own house?” I’ll never own a car or a house. And neither will anybody else. The materials to build these things are just a part of the Universe and we can manipulate these materials any way we like and call them whatever we want but it will never mean they’re ours. It’s all just bullshit and the purpose is to create an environment in which the wealthiest can have the nicest life. You see, they know the truth. Time over money. The rich and powerful have found a way to best use their time and that is all down to this money based, consumer driven life that has been created. We use man made money (which isn’t based on reality) to buy man made goods which we then believe we own. This is said to make us happy. Man made companies get richer and they’re “owned” by powerful dudes. They get more money and it is accepted that they can trade this money for all of the best experiences and comfort life can offer. Really, none of us own anything and everybody is equal. But under capitalism it is basically agreed that the few lucky ones can thrive and have the best quality of life while the masses have to work most of the primes of their lives to fund all of this. And the funniest part of it? We’re “happy” about this. This is “democracy”. Bullshit is what it is.

In the UK general election in May 2015 the Conservatives won and now have a slight majority in government. And they’re ramming home the point that the powerful will get more powerful and the masses can go fuck themselves. Many people are thinking so short term when they vote for the Conservatives. Rich people don’t need an NHS. It just isn’t as much as a priority for them as they have a higher number in their electronic banks that can transfer some bullshit number into the bank account of a private hospital. This number will put a smile on the faces of the owners of these hospitals and so in return they will get looked after. The rest of us? Tough shit. Life’s a bitch. We should have worked harder and been luckier. Tax credits are getting cut too. Why? Because fuck those bitches. They should work more and give more time to the cool companies. The fact is the rich don’t care about people outside of their own circles and the sad thing is that when the middle and working classes are also voting for this bullshit it is in fact because we don’t care about people outside of our circles either. It’s a real sad thing I think. We need to spread wealth because we’re all equal. The big corporations shouldn’t get (and don’t need) tax breaks. The wealthiest can easily afford more tax and it won’t affect their quality of life. We can’t let this selfish way of life become the way things are forever. Else it’s time to bring back the riots. A strong society should seek to be beneficial to everybody. Successful business owners could always have a change in fortune. They could end up bankrupt and lose what they thought they had. Then get ill and need the NHS as they can’t afford private anymore. And then what? If it’s all gone to shit we’re all potentially screwed. We need to think long term and think about everybody. Not just think about the next couple of years and only about the people that are close to us.

The reality of the world has been lost to man-made conceptions. We forget that we’re born equal and that we’re all just a function of the universe. Each one of us has survived billions of years of evolution to have one shot at this. Money is man-made and though it definitely is useful to help us to work together as a society to achieve common goals we have placed far too much importance on it. Of course there should be free health care and education for everybody. It’s the right thing to do and it benefits us all when we’re all healthy and educated. It shouldn’t cost money. None of these possessions can go with us when we’re gone. The Earth will still be here and every house and car bought will stay here. They’ll be bought by others and destroyed and rebuilt into other materialistic objects for people to buy. My aim is to buy less. I’ll never own a house or car. Nobody will.

I guess the overall theme of this blog post can be summed up as fake vs reality. It was all provoked by a statement I read that somebody had posted on facebook. It really annoyed me but it also got me thinking about things. People get called fake a lot and there are some people that consider themselves to be “real”. What the fuck are these people talking about seriously? Real? As opposed to what? A lot of famous rappers also talk about this topic a lot. Being fake is massively frowned upon and being real is a supposedly great quality to have. The thing is that this is just more ego-driven bullshit. Nobody is either in team “real” or team “fake”. This happens when people need to find some way of putting themselves on a pedestal over others and have no legitimate way to do it at all. You’re not better than others and have no right to claim that you are. Oh, but you’re real are you? Not like those other fake ass bitches eh? No, you’re more than that. You tell it like it is. The only thing you would ever call a spade is a spade. There’s no way a spade is a shovel right?

These people need to get over themselves. People lie and that’s the truth. Sometimes it’s little white lies that actually are beneficial to all involved. Let’s say you think a person is ugly. You can’t help how you feel and it is the truth. If you’re real you’d tell them that because to not do so would be fake. Yet by telling the truth you hurt their feelings and then maybe they would punch you and hurt your face. So where is the good in that for anybody? Everybody lies. Everybody has secrets. Why do some people feel the need make others believe that they’re “real”? It’s all about ego and how you view yourself and how you want others to view you. If a person was “real” then they wouldn’t have to say it. They’d just be it. You can’t be cool if you call yourself cool. The coolest person of all time loses that cool vibe the moment they mention it.

This ego-driven agenda that a lot of people seem to have on social media these days is driving me crazy. I know I’m guilty of it too at times. Most of us are. Sometimes you’re on holiday and you just need to tell the world how awesome life is even though it’s not as awesome as you’re making out. We all do it. I’ve been guilty lately of appearing to preach wisdom when the truth is that I know that I know nothing. If I see something wise that I agree with I like to share it. But it can come across as me acting holier than thou and I’m becoming wary of it. None of us have a clue at what’s going on in this world and we should never pretend to have answers. So there’s my confession there. But some people have just lost the plot when it comes to this “self” that they believe themselves to be. They look in the mirror and fall in love. A selfie is normal on many occasions. If you’re standing next to the Pyramids of Giza then it’s understandable to want a selfie next to them as you may never be there again. You could just take a picture of the Pyramids without making this ancient wonder all about you and your experience but it’s human nature I guess and everybody has seen a picture of the Pyramids but nobody has ever seen a picture of you there right? I guess it’s cool. And sometimes you just need a selfie. People need to know who you are right? Maybe you’ve changed a lot lately and need an update so that when people see you they’re not too shocked. Maybe you need public opinion. But people have gone selfie crazy. Just hundreds of pictures of themselves in ridiculous poses. Some people even do the same pose. I was on this girl’s profile on a dating site the other day and if I had more courage I would have messaged her. To ask her why she is so in love with herself and that stupid pose she was doing. We all know the pose. That duck faced insanity. She had like 16 pictures. Same face, same angle, same pose in all of them. Nothing different or special about any of those pictures. Why do it? The same selfie snap 16 times and upload them all? That made me wonder if those were just the best 16. The so called highlights. Maybe she actually did 160 pictures and those 16 made the cut. Even though every picture is the same and nobody cares. Show some personality and be original. And while we’re at it…eyebrows on girls. What happened there then? It’s a trend to have these overly fake and perfect eyebrows these days. I don’t think these girls understand what males think of these eyebrows but the general consensus is that they’re ridiculous. The amount of times you hear the statement “yeah she’s beautiful except for the whole eyebrow thing” is growing considerably.

It’s just all so narcissistic. Also often literally fake. Then there are the people who post totally disconnected statements along with their selfies. Like “looking forward to the cinema later” with a picture of them pouting at the Apple iPhone camera in the mirror. Wow, thanks for that. Need some attention today then I take it? Some of these people feed off facebook likes. I know we’re all searching for some meaning in life but facebook likes will never fulfill that void. I’m guilty of thinking about facebook likes too much though. If I see a picture of a beautiful girl it is difficult not to give it a like like a mindless drone because guys have two brains and sometimes one brain is more engaged than the other annoyingly. If it doesn’t have a like yet I won’t like it because I don’t want to be the first. If it has a few likes and I do like it then I will probably like it. If it has loads of likes than I often won’t like it due to not wanting to follow the crowd. I guess it’s all about ego for me also. I don’t know why us dudes sometimes will just like the shit out of a picture promoting that girls image of themselves. That girl is never going to get with all of us right? And if she would then she ain’t worth it. I don’t know why the girl wants likes and why we oblige. It’s daft. Some pictures have 200-300 likes. So why when you see that would you also click the like button? Your like just gets lost in the vast ocean of other likes and means nothing. It’s better to save likes for when they matter surely. A picture with that many likes is just universally well liked and there’s no need to jump on the bandwagon. See a picture of a beautiful girl and only her Mum has liked it? Then like that goddamn picture and know that your like meant something. Even if it freaks the girl out and makes her delete you at least it mattered. One powerful like off the right guy is worth 1000 times more than a thousand likes from 1000 fakes ass bitches right? Haha, so silly.

This blog should totally end right now. I guess consumerism and social media are connected. I’m finding it difficult to link the next topic to those two but I’m in ranting mode right now and it’s just flowing. I guess it’s linked due to being one more screwed up thing in society that many people have opinions on. The topic is drugs. Specifically cannabis. Each drug deserves it’s own debate when talking about their effects on health (short term and long term), society and whether or not it should be legal. So sod all other drugs for now. Cannabis is bugging me. I think I’m quite unbiased when it comes to weed since I have nothing against it and have smoked a lot of it in the past and yet no longer smoke it much for the simple reason that I don’t really enjoy it. I’ve had some great times whilst smoking it with friends and if a spliff is being passed around now I’ll still dabble. I like the feeling of smoking a bit but hate being wrecked off it. I’m paranoid enough as it is and mostly when I smoke a lot of it I either mong out or I freak out. But in small doses it is quite relaxing and sociable I guess. A lot of people are advocates for weed becoming legal and I agree. Totally unbiased because it if became legal I wouldn’t start buying loads of it since I don’t really like it much. It’s just mad to think this is just a natural herb. It’s a fucking plant on planet Earth. And yet it’s a crime to have some of this plant and you can go to prison for it. It makes no sense. However I disagree with people that say it has no long lasting effects. I don’t need any scientific experiments to know that it screws people up. We can see it. It has been linked to mental health problems but I just see this as another reason it should be legal. Just imagine the consequences of making it legal and it’s easy to see the benefits outweigh the negatives. There are certain health benefits to weed. It would be a great way to decrease stress and ease pain. Also, I think it’s due to the fact that idiots are meddling with it to make it stronger that is the reason for it causing mental health problems. If it became legal it would be regulated and there would be better guidelines for which stuff to buy and how much as well as which to avoid smoking.

Another obvious benefit would be the fact that police wouldn’t have to mess about arresting people for having a plant in their possession. What a ridiculous thing that is when you think about it. I can’t get over the fact that it is illegal for independent adults to “own” a particular plant. If people want to get high then let them and advise them on which chemically screwed up versions to avoid if they don’t want severe paranoia in a decade’s time. The government would actually get tax from it instead of wasting money on arresting people. And there’s another funny aspect to this legalisation of weed. All of these idiot dealers who could have a real mundane job like the rest of us would all of a sudden just be like the rest of us with their own mundane job to plough through. All the glamour of being such a bad ass and breaking the law would be over for them. You can start growing your plants in normal greenhouses all of a sudden. You know, I bet it would lose it’s appeal. Dealers love to see themselves in a glorified way. And non-dealers glorify dealers. It’s just a plant. See selling that plant for what it is. It’s not really any different to selling a bunch of roses. Things are as glorious and poetic as we make them. So if it became legal I’d find it hilarious that these dealers would all of a sudden have glory and glamour in an almost equal way to an Avon representative. Legalising weed is the future. It’s going to happen. Might as well just do it. I can’t help but think there’s some sneaky reason why countries don’t legalise it. Like maybe people will become more lazy and fuck up their consumerism ideals. However maybe I think this way because I’ve sucked on too many bongs in my life and now I’m just a paranoid asshole with a mental health problem. Maybe that’s what this blog is in reality.

We’re products of our environment. A big philosophical question for me is would I believe the things I believe if capitalism had somehow worked out better for me? Would I be the same person with the same beliefs if had a career plan and had more money and possessions than I do now or was I destined to see it all as superficial no matter what? It’s hard to say. People these days “know the cost of everything and the value of nothing”. I like to think I’m just not a materialistic person and never could be but we’ll never know. The fact is I’m a cynical asshole and I’m a hypocrite and totally full of shit. Just like you. We’re all full of shit. The World is just a reflection of the people in it. And this is a World where we think we can solve an extremely complex political situation in the Middle East by sprinkling bombs all over the land.

Wow, what a rant that has been. I feel so much better now I’ve cleansed myself of it. Time to roll up a blunt and spark it up. You want some? I’ll put some of the plant in a bag for you and that’ll be £20.05 (5p for the plastic bag, government rules). Then I’m going to smoke it whilst taking a selfie of me doing so on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (sticking with this phone until it breaks, sod Note 4, 5 and 6). And then I’ll upload it to facebook. Give it thumbs up so I feel great would you please…*yawn*.

I’m done. Keep it real. Much love xx




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