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Ok, this is a strange thing to document. Most nights I seem to look at a digital clock and see that the time is 22:22 pm. Not 22:21 pm. Not 22:23 pm. But 22:22 pm. It’s so frequent I was tempted to write every night but I cannot be sure it is every night.

I don’t believe in magic. I don’t believe certain numbers hold some kind of power. I’m quite a logical person and see that this must be a coincidence. I was born on the 22nd December. People often have a favourite number for some silly reason and mine was always 2. And it wasn’t even because I was born on the 22nd. I just like the look of it and it seemed to be lucky for me sometimes. Maybe it comes down to playing a game of Monopoly and needing to roll a 2 to land on Mayfair so I could buy it. Maybe in poker my pocket 2’s have ran into aces and I’ve spiked another 2 on the river. Maybe I just like the shape of the number 2. I don’t know why I have always liked it and it makes no sense anyway. Just a silly thing.

Over the years I would often see 22:22 on a clock. More frequently than other times but not enough for it to be strange. I realised that my brain probably has selective memory when it comes to this particular time and every time I would see it I would consciously think about it. Like “oh, 22:22 again, cool”. And that would be it. Maybe some nights I would look at the time and see 22:31 and think nothing of it due to it not being worthy of being conscious of that time. Only the times where it was 22:22 activated conscious thought. This is logical and makes sense to me.

But lately it is just getting ridiculous. It’s literally every night. Is there something in me subconsciously that makes me check the time at that exact time? If so would it really be so accurate? With laser like accuracy my eyes shift to a clock and see 22:22pm. Sometimes I’ll be having a beer with friends and not thinking about the time. And also my phone has not been looked at for a good while due to conversations. Then I’ll happen to have a glance at my phone and there it is. 22:22 pm. The eternal time. Connecting each of my days in one strange and infinite present moment.

I’ve done a google search or 2 on this 22:22 phenomenon. It seems that it can be common. However it is not the only number that people get drawn to. 12:34 is another one. And 11:11 is probably the most common. I’ve read a few reasons that various people have come up with for seeing such numbers. Apparently there is a spiritual connection and it all means something. Every explanation I’ve read wreaks of bullshit to me. It’s just wishy washy nonsense that doesn’t satisfy me at all. So I dismiss it and carry on with life. Until the next night when I see it again. Against all odds. So it’s starting to freak me out a bit. Carl Jung wrote about this and I think I need to research this topic a lot more. He called this kind of thing synchronicity which is defined as “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection”. This simple event that happens to me every day seems to be related but each event should surely be unrelated to the next. There’s no cause for me to see this time everyday. And yet in those 60 seconds where I look at those numbers everyday I see a glimpse of something incredibly significant. I see the interconnectivity of everything in the Universe. I see past the computer screen and the mundane and see magic and wonder. And then the clock changes to 22:23 pm and I snap out of it and carry on with life. Until the next night.

I’m going to keep my eye on this topic. Maybe now I’ve acknowledged it with this blog post it will fade away. Angels are meant to stay hidden right? If they suspect I’m on to them then they will go to greater lengths to avoid me you would think. Or maybe I will continue to see this number by coincidence every night for the rest of my days. It’s very likely it has no meaning at all. Some people pick 6 random numbers and win millions on the lottery and that too has no meaning. It just happens sometimes. Some people win lotteries and I see 22:22. Always.  Even the domain name for this blog is dazz22. Not just 2 or 22. But 22:22. It is part of me.



About dazz22

I’m a dude from England and I’m just your average screw up of a human being
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2 Responses to 22:22

  1. Dude, I am glad to have found your blog. I like how your mind works. I always see strings of ones and then my birthday numbers everywhere, it’s powerful. I am grateful to NOW be following your work, man. Keep it up. You’ve got a cool voice as a writer. Great to read. With Joy and Gratitude, Zach from StrengthsLife.com


    • dazz22 says:

      Thanks so much, that means a lot to me! Yeah the numbers are powerful. The other day it was 22:22 on the 22nd day of February. I looked at the clock in awe lol. Thanks dude

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